Fashion Explosion with SM Kids’ Fashion 2014 Holiday Collection + Win GCs from Shop,Post and Win Promo

As usual, the holiday rush gives the urge to get dressed for the seemingly endless revelries. Even the kids get all excited dressing to the nines. Are you done shopping for your kids? Nah? Then rush to your nearest SM Store and keep your kids in style to get Andrea’s or Jillian's look! Get 'em dressed up for the holidays!

This is why SM Kids’ Fashion decided to offer what is perhaps the bestest among the best sets for its holiday collection every year. This year’s ensembles showcase a wide variety of styles, from plains to prints, from laid-back casual to prim and proper looks, from dresses to tops and bottoms that are all ideal for one’s mix-and-match technique.  You also get a chance to win GCs  from SM Kids Fashion's Shop, Post and Win promo!

Get dressed to impress! SM Kids’ Fashion’s dresses are soaked in red, pink, blue, and even in the softness of pastels. So for girls who want to strut as modern princesses or be the cutest little misses, there will surely be a right outfit for every occasion. Aside from very feminine pieces, SM Kids’ Fashion has a variety of dresses that can also give that casual look.

This year’s holiday collection also inspires boys and girls of all ages to make a statement from the vast choices of colors, prints, and patterns that delight and uplift.

The cropped shirts and skater skirts for example; with all the styles, textures, and prints that girls can mix and match.They can dress up like their favorite pop icons, or simply become the most fashionable version of themselves.

The boys, on the other hand, would surely love the modernand visually appealing tees that are flexible enough to complement their mood to dress up or dress down for the party. To add edge to one’s favorite denims, boys can simply pair these with a graphic tee. And because the shirts in this collection are flexible and fashionable enough for any gathering, adding cardigans, hoodies, button downs, or blazers can surely further the look. After all, the holiday season also ushers in that breezy atmosphere, so boys can go and take advantage of it with a trendy layered outfit.

Indeed, just in time for the Yuletide season, SM Kids’ Fashion has expanded its collection so boys and girls can dress up and be whoever they want to be.

Moms, too, will surely have a great time dressing up the babies and toddlers as the SM Babies collection also offers dresses, jeans, tees, and other style essentials that will complete their ensemble. Of course, even the little ones deserve a fashionable piece!

Join the Shop, Post and Win promo and get a chance to win P2,000 GCs from SM Kids Fashion! Just purchase any item, take a photo, like our page, and upload in their FB App here  For more deets, like SM Kids Fashion on Facebook:

So what are you waiting for? Find the best holiday fashion pieces in The SM Stores nationwide for the cutest and trendiest holiday get-up for kids and babies who are more than eager to dress up.

Happy Holidays!



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