White Zumba Party: GlutaMAX Partners with Posh Nails

GlutaMAX partnered with Posh Nails and shared their passion to promote health, beauty and fitness in a special party event dubbed as GlutaMAX White Zumba Party!! (Yes, with the exclamation point.)

GlutaMAX’s brand ambassadors, Alice Dixson, Regine Angeles and Jacky Oda.
GlutaMAX’s brand ambassadors, Alice Dixson, Regine Angeles and Jacky Oda, graced the fun-filled event  that was held at The Roxy Events Place in Tomas Morato last October 16, 2014.  Wanna see how we popped, locked and dropped it?

For those of you who have no idea what Zumba is, it's a dance class where you constantly move the hips and do some sexy dancing (although sometimes I look more like I'm having a seizure or a series of muscle spasm). Seriously though, you need to get out from under that rock you've been living under and try Zumba.

This is for those who love to eat but refused to give up chocolate cake, carbs, sugar, or anything else that is yummy and fattening, and yet they know they had to do it in order to burn some serious calories. The word "they" includes me, of course.

So, this is how it works;

First, they dim the lights real low. Enter Zumba music, and you act like you have no idea...

The Zumba instructor starts out with a simple-ish steps like left, right, left and single, single, double... that unbelievably and surprisingly confuse you. You're convinced they have bionic limbs and their hips aren't human. Must be artificial.

It's sheer panic time when you try your best to follow the steps, but miss a few times and you just can't get your hands and feet synchronized.

After that, you secretly move with some side steps hoping nobody notices you, and get your phone pretending like you need to text someone or maybe get a drink. Water break! LOL

Then your favorite song comes next, and you're like, I'm back girls! Let's hit and own the dance floor! So you just keep on dancing.

TIP: Remember, love, you might miss some steps but you won't be the only one! (Yes,really!) So just have a good time, tap into your inner Beyonce and work up a sweat!

And when you do, you suddenly pick up the pace, bust a move and lose yourself in the music. Finally, you do the wiggle wiggle. Repeat 100x. You feel like you don't want to stop and you never want the Zumba party to end.

Remember, if they can do it, so can you! (That's the spirit!)

Video, or it never happened. Check out our "epic" dance video:

So what happens when you're tired after all that Zumba? Clearly, you must have a willpower of steel to resist eating blueberry cheesecake as your post-workout meal. And no one can resist blueberry cheesecake. No one.

To answer the question, I guess the best and smartest thing to do after an hour of extremely fun yet torturous dancing is to get a manicure and a foot rub. That’s the best answer I could come up with for now, although I may think better when my legs weren’t that sore and throbbing from all that dancing.

As part of the partnership, Posh Nails launched their newest salon offering, Posh Nails Whitening Manicure + Pedicure powered by GlutaMAX which is an advance treatment designed to eliminate stains and keep your nails lighter, smoother, and youthful.

Also, GlutaMAX’s hero ingredient-glutathione, the body’s master oxidant, has a long list of health benefits, including the whitening effect. Check this post to know more about this new salon offering.

For now, just enjoy some pics of the craziness that happened at the Zumba partey, plus some snaps of the local celebs that I've spotted at the event.

“Okay Ka Fairy Ko” stars Alice Dixson(Faye) and Jacky Oda(Bale) were present.

GlutaMAX ambassador, Regine Angeles, also joined the Zumba party!

Spotted:  Kapuso stars/ GMA artists Diva Montelaba, Stepanie Sol, and Mayton Eugenio joined the party and busted their Zumba moves.

The votes and the results were in! Guess who won the Best in Zumba and Best Zumba Outfit? My blogger besties, Rochelle and Kaye! So proud of my girls! :)

GlutaMAX White Zumba Party was sponsored by Nice Day Coffee, Jamba Juice, Krispy Kreme, Vitamax-C, YSA Skin Care & Body Experts, Creamy Delight, YSA Botanica, Meister, PRDGY, Beyond Yoga, Spa in the City, The Farm Organics and Pizza Hut.

Big thanks to Glutamax, Posh Nails and PaulthePRGuy for the invite. We had a blast! I was smiling so big it made my cheeks hurt! Best. Zumba. Party. Ever.

Pamper your hand and feet at any of Posh Nails branches to try their newest offer. Have you had your Zumba fix? What have you been doing lately?

As for me, I missed Zumba class today to have some quality time with my hubby at Posh Nails. Now, that's love.
But I will continue to attend Zumba parties, mostly because I want to keep eating and the blueberry cheesecake keeps calling my name. :)

For more information about GlutaMAX, you can visit or follow them online:

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Visit www.poshnails.com.ph to know more about their services.




  1. I love Zumba. I always join one here in Antipolo. :) I super enjoy enjoy it, and at the same time get fit doing it. Super love the gifs you incorporated. Haha

  2. i love to try Zumba but i dont know where to join here in bulacan..

  3. I want to try zumba but im too lazy :D

  4. never tried zumba but it looks like fun and tiring too!

  5. i tried zumba and it is very effective in losing weight while enjoying :)

  6. me also never tried zumba but yes it looks like fun.


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