Versace Jeans Eyes Psychedelia and Pop with its Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Launch

Versace Jeans, one of the world's most iconic and famous fashion luxury brand,  kicked off the launch of its sole-boutique in the Philippines held at the Shangri-La Plaza with a much-anticipated fashion show which showcased the Italian fashion house's Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

This fabulous fashion fĂȘte was hosted by Janeena Chan, featuring the the new fall-winter 2014/2015 collection. Glowing psychedelic lines and vibrant pop of colors took center stage as a result of the juxtaposition between two of the strongest cultural and artistic movements of the second half of the 20th century: Psychedelia and Pop.

With a spectacular runway show that included bold new prints, psychedelia explores visions and sensations and iconic images from the 60's and 70's to evoke the hallucinatory state of mind in which psychedelic art was born.

Here’s a look at the party scene and the fashion show.

Along with a bold new use of colors and textures, the prints fill the garments with distorted elements that melt and overlap into each other in surreal patterns and saturated colors.

Primary colors and sharp contours defines shapes and volumes in the Pop side of the collection which represents major cultural currents if the postwar period, defined by the symbols, myths and expressions of a consumerist society.

Each piece is created with luxurious fabrics just like this fabulous jackets that firmly reestablished Versace as the rock ‘n’ roll soul of the fabled Italian label. So yeah, throw a stylish jacket on when the weather turns chilly.

Celebrities including Iya Villania, Divine Lee, Nadine Lustre, Victor Basa, Cristalle Belo, Marc Pingris and Danica Sotto graced the event to see the new designs which included some urban art forms that find expression in all over graphic prints and placed foulard designs that fill the shirts and dresses making appearances also inside the garments with simple elements treated as small works of art.

Danica Sotto and Marc Pingris

LJ Reyes
Iya Villania and Divine Lee
Nadine Lustre

Models cranked up the glitz and glamour for the fashion world’s newest crop of prints on the dress that screams holiday but in fashionable way. The dresses from this collection are perfect for holiday parties and gatherings.

Oh, and look at the hunky model wearing the white jacket, I guess sit-ups for guys are now required for next season. What do you think?

I love the deep tones and drama of the new collection. 
Plus, I guess there's some kind of drama going on here. Lover's quarrel perhaps? 

With my loves slash dearest friends slash Pond's girls! Btw, the Pond's gift pack is may091589 :) 
Thanks heaps to Versace Jeans for having us. It's such an important moment when a new collection is born, especially when it's the Versace Jeans collection. You can tell from the picture above that we had a lot of fun and I'm so happy to share this new collection with my readers.

New Versace Jeans styles are available now at the 3rd level Shangri-La Plaza. Follow Versace Jeans Philippines on Instagram @iloveversacejeans


  1. Oh my! i super loved VERSACE!!!. I am so inlove with this because so elegant and fab

  2. I love the dresses from this collection. I totally agree that it's perfect for parties! And that guy in white jacket? He's really macho. haha. Will check versace jeans this weekend. :)

  3. this is one brand that i really love. would love to check their apparel.

  4. Haha, got in here because of Nadine Lustre, my new fashion icon. But nice article btw!

  5. congratulations to the winner :D

  6. Wow so elegant, I hope I could have one! Thanks for sharing this


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