Challenge Accepted: Jergens 7-Day Challenge with the New Jergens Skincare Moisturisers

Hey, loves! I'm one brave girl because I accepted the Jergens 7-day challenge.

I received a welcome kit with some of the tools I need to complete the challenge. All I need to do is to accomplish 1 mission per day for 7 days and then share my daily accomplishments in my blog.

So exciting! Hope you guys can join me on my journey to being even more beautiful inside and out. I'll update this blog post everyday and will keep you posted! :)

For now, here are the things you need to know about the new breakthrough technology from Jergens Skincare.

THINK: Not just superior hydration, but your most beautiful skin.

WHAT IT IS: Your favorite Jergens Skincare moisturisers upgraded with breakthrough continuous hydration technology for the best moisturisers yet. For years, women have trusted it to deliver all-in-one-hydration and beauty benefits. Now, the best-selling Ultra Healing®, Original Scent, Daily Moisture Shea Butter, Soothing Aloe, and Skin Firming Lotions you love offer longer-lasting hydration and visibly enhanced skin tone, texture, and luminosity for your most beautiful skin, yet.

Beauty from within. Take a bottle of Jergens from your welcome pack & share it w/ a complete stranger. Take a photo with her, post it on your blog, & tell us why you chose her.
With Ate Baby :)
I chose Ate Baby. She told me that she really loves my fair and smooth skin. This morning, I approached her and told her about the product I'm using, the new Jergens Skincare Moisturisers, and how effective they are. She's so happy when I gave her the bottle and she said she's so excited to try it pronto! Yay!

Tip of the day: Be confident to approach anyone when you have beautiful skin. Apply Jergens wherever you go to get that instant glow. With its new illuminating Hydralucence blend, 100% of women saw visible skin improvements, 95% of women experienced more noticeably beautiful skin and 89% said their more noticeably beautiful skin lasted all day. Created not just to moisturize skin, but also to beautify it, these moisturisers will change the way you think about body lotion to noticeably improve the appearance of your skin.


LEFT vs RIGHT. Apply the new Jergens only on your left arm & leave the right arm bare. Take a photo of both arms, comparing the two & tell us your observations.

Tip of the day: Keep your skin moisturized. Dryness prevents light from reflecting off of your skin, making it look dull & dark. My left arm looks softer, fairer and more moisturized compared with my right arms that has no moisturiser at all, looking dull and dry. With its new Hydralucence blend, it instantly moisturizes skin & keeps it hydrated.


Water is good for your body and helps keep your skin healthy and looking young as well.  Drink only water for today using your Jergens tumbler.  Post photos with a time stamp every time you do a refill.

Tip of the Day:  Keep hydrated. Dehydration makes your skin look more dry and wrinkled.  Drinking plenty of water regularly keeps your skin refreshed and hydrated.  You can also help lock moisture into your skin by using your favorite Jergens variant  twice a day to reveal your most beautiful skin yet.


Make someone smile. Share your blessings, Gain a friend. Host a giveaway and make someone smile today.  Choose 1 reader to receive a Jergens gift pack and give the gift of beautiful skin.

Tip of the day: Someone once said that a smile is a woman's best accessory.  That's true - and so is her skin. Apply your favorite Jergens variant  twice a day to reveal your most beautiful skin yet.

To join the giveaway, just leave a comment in this blog post and answer, What makes you smile today? And why do you want to try the new Jergens' collection?

Share with us a family recipe using ingredients that are good for the skin.

I'm sharing the healthy and tasty recipe of my favorite Tuna Risotto Ball. Tuna is a healthier version of this favorite holiday dish and I really love the rich marinara sauce. A must try.

Here are the ingredients and procedure:

Tip of the day: Have a healthy diet. It is needed to keep your body strong and your skin beautiful. Jergens Moisturizers work hand in hand with a healthy diet and exercise in keeping your skin stunningly beautiful. 

Mission #6:
Take your mom or your best gal pal out for a surprise lunch or dinner tonight with this gift certificate from Cabalen, on us :)

I got mail! It's our ticket to a yummy dinner buffet at Cabalen and I took my Tita with me. We haven't seen each other for years and it felt good to finally catch up and eat together.

Tip of the day: Nurture relationships. Keeping healthy relationships go a long way to making you feel good and look good. Indeed, beauty radiates inside and out.

Mission #7:

Look for an old full body photo of yourself taken in the last 3 months. Then take a new photo in the exact same pose, this time holding the Jergens variant that you have been using in the past 7 days.

Mission accomplished! I just reached the finish line of this exciting challenge! Yay! Thanks Jergens for helping me discover the most beautiful me. :)

Check out Jergens' new collection:

Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturiser: Get visibly healthier skin by nourishing and healing your driest, roughest skin for 48 hours.  With an illuminating Hydralucence™ blend plus Vitamins C, E, and B5.

Original Beauty Lotion Dry Skin Moisturiser: Get visibly softer skin that lasts all day.  With an illuminating Hydralucence™ blend and nourishing hydrators infused with our classic Cherry Almond Essence.

Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturiser: Get three times visibly smooth skin with moisture that lasts up to 24 hours.  With an illuminating Hydralucence™ blend plus Silk Proteins and Citrus Extracts.

Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturiser: Get visibly radiant skin that’s conditioned and enriched.  Thanks to Pure African Shea Butter combined with sheen enhancing illuminating Hydralucence blend.

Soothing Aloe Refreshing Moisturiser: Get visibly refreshed skin that’s noticeably soothed.  With  Cucumber Extract and Pure Aloe Vera plus an illuminating Hydralucence blend.

Skin Firming Toning Moisturiser: Get visibly firmer skin and increased elasticity.  Contains Collagen, Elastin, and an illuminating Hydralucence blend.

 Reveal your skin’s beauty like you’ve never seen before, and get ready to achieve your most beautiful skin yet.

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