Tiger Energy Biscuits Helps Moms in Raising Physically and Mentally Developed Alisto Kids

The challenge. It’s raining and school has just been let out. Classmates and neighbors Jun, Paul, and Nathan need to get home but without umbrellas or raincoats, they’ll get wet in the rain.

What to do? Jun begins to walk in the streets, not minding the rain pouring down his head. Paul, afraid to do anything, decides to stay in school and wait for the rain to stop. Nathan, being alert, grabs some old tarpaulins and uses it to shield him and Paul from the rain. Can you spot the Alisto kid among them?

The answer. Nathan, of course. Do you know who's the lovely mom of this Alisto kid?
Well, she's none other than the celebrity mom, Camille Prats, who knows all about the challenge of raising physically and mentally developed Alisto kids. With son Nathan, she doesn’t take chances. She believes in giving Nathan the best in everything – to make sure he gets the most of his growing up years.

Today’s challenges. These days being Alisto matters a lot, especially among kids. New technology and changing times mean kids have to be alert to face the challenges of school and home. Who is the Alisto kid? He could be described as being active, lively and mentally sharp.

But Moms know this is a challenge for them, too. How do you raise kids who have healthy bodies and are also mentally alert? This is a challenge that Tiger Energy Biscuits hopes to help moms with. So they can raise Alisto kids!

Says Camille, “Every day I get to spend with Nathan is a blessing. That’s why I make sure that every day of his life contributes to his growth as a person. We make the most of our days together by spending time to bond and enjoy life. More importantly, I make sure his every day is a chance to become Alisto – with the activities we do and the food that he eats. Just like Tiger Energy Biscuits, the snack and baon I give him to help provide nutrients in every bite!”

The “Alisto” Nutrients. Among other nutrients, Iron, Zinc, and Vitamins B1 and B2 help in physical and mental development. Explains Nutrition Consultant Dr. Celeste C. Tanchoco, “Iron carries oxygen in the blood and transports it within cells to help produce energy. It is also used to build neurotransmitters – most notably those that regulate the ability to pay attention, which is crucial to learning.”

Dr. Tanchoco adds that Zinc affects behavior and learning performance. It is necessary in the process to produce the visual pigment for good eyesight. Vitamins B1 and B2 are important in releasing energy from carbohydrates, fat and protein. Without enough energy, muscular development may be compromised.

“If children do not receive these nutrients, their mental and physical performance will be compromised,” warns Dr. Tanchoco. “An Iron deficiency not only causes an energy crisis, but also affects mood, attention span, and learning ability. Zinc deficiency retards growth and wound healing. Vitamins B1 and B2 if inadequate may result to weakness, wasting, and difficulty in walking.” Easy to say then that an Alisto kid needs to receive these nutrients for his physical and mental development.

Nutrition should no longer be a challenge. Giving food that contributes to your child’s development should not be expensive or difficult. Dr. Tanchoco advises that Moms just need to provide their kids a balanced diet.

She says, “A well-balanced and varied diet provides foods of a number of types in proportion to each other. This is such that foods rich in some nutrients do not crowd out off the diet the foods that are rich in other nutrients. Balance helps to ensure adequacy. A balanced diet is one with adequate amounts of meat, fish, poultry, fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes and nuts, and milk.”

While meat, beans, wheat, cabbage, cheese, seafood, malunggay and many other foods contain Iron, Zinc, and Vitamins B1 and B2, food that have been fortified or that have been created with these nutrients can help as well. Dr. Tanchoco adds, “A balanced, adequate and varied diet can supply Iron, Zinc, Vitamins B1 and B2. There are also some foods that offer large amounts of these nutrients because they are fortified. Fortified refers to the addition of nutrients to a food to correct or prevent nutrient deficiency. Consuming fortified foods that contain these nutrients can help in ensuring children receive them.”

Just like Tiger Energy Biscuits. It contains Zinc, Iron, Vitamins B1 and B2 to help in the physical and mental development of kids. “What’s more, eating one pack of Tiger Energy gives your kids the energy equivalent to one glass of skim milk,” adds Senior Brand Manager Anna Sapitan from Mondelez Philippines, maker of Tiger Energy Biscuits (Source: USDA Nutrient Database.)

“We’re making it easier for moms to provide nutrients to their kids because one pack of Tiger costs P5.00 SRP,” adds Sapitan. “That’s 6 pieces of Vanilla or Chocolate-flavored biscuits made with wheat and that have milk, which pack nutrients in every bite. Hopefully, we can help moms turn their kids into everyday Alisto kids with the nutrition that Tiger Energy Biscuits helps provide.”

Are you ready to take on challenges with Tiger Energy Biscuits? Help your kids become everyday Alisto kids!



  1. Yes, a must try biscuit ♥ Kids love it. Not just an ordinary biscuit for children, it will provide additional nutrients for your kiddos. ♥ Sometimes my kids don't want to drink milk, not knowing this Tiger biscuit is equivalent to one glass of milk plus the wheat in there. :) Love, like this product ♥

  2. My kids really love Tiger especially the chocolate flavored biscuits. They don't like breads or biscuits that taste too sweet. Tiger biscuit is different it's delicious and nutritious and doesn't taste too sweet. They love this for their snack in school. My son who is in Kindergarten believes he will have enough energy for school if he will eat Tiger for snack =)

  3. My nephew likes the chocolate flavored Tiger biscuit. Whenever we do our grocery, she asks me to buy that. :) It gives her energy to be makulit with us, and it's affordable pa. So perfect for kids talaga

  4. Yes, isa yan sa mga pinapakain ko sa anak ko.


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