Shu Uemura Unveils New Look

In case you missed it, Shu has a new look, and it has never looked so good!

In an exclusive walk-through of the new store just prior to the grand launch of Shu's new look, we got a chance to have the first look into what the new Shu is all about. Check out my previous blog post here.

During the grand launch, the shuMASTERS made up their muses with exquisite looks, donning fabulous shuLASHES held at the Power Plant Mall.

Catch a glimpse of the highlights from the grand launch here.

Meet the esteemed shuMASTERS. Angie Cruz, Patrick Alcober, Riza de Guzman, Cats del Rosario, Omar Ermita, EJ Mallorca, Hanna Pechon, John Pagaduan and Joyce Platon

 These experts carry the brand’s artistic make-up vision and mastery of make-up technique – and they were present to walk us through the six key sections of the new flagship store: shuCOLORBAR, shuATELIER, shuSKINshuLASH, shuBEST, shuLIVE,and shuGIFT.

Here's a quick tour of the new shu:

The new retail concept is inspired by Tokyo. I love the new retail concept of a city known for its cutting-edge fashion, creativity and cool trends, and the birthplace of the brand. The neon lights, quirky chairs and live-moving screens definitely took us on a unique journey that is in itself reminiscent of the glimmering city.

Visit this new make-up wonderland destination at the 2F Powerplant Mall and experience the full-range of color, the unique character, and the fun Tokyo vibe that the new SHU has to offer.

Are you a Shu lover too? How do you like Shu's new look? Let me know in the comments below, and you might win my favorite shade of Rouge Unlimited lipstick from Shu Uemura! :)

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