Goya – the Chocolate to Munch in Everyday Celebrations

Life can be seen as a celebration.  It is immediately seen in the grand affairs associated with family and friends, such as weddings, birthdays, and graduation parties.  At the same time, though, it can be experienced in what we commonly call the small joys in life – a promotion at work, the compliment of a friend, the hug of a child.

These little but memorable moments add meaning to our lives.  More often than not, they get us through a very difficult day.

Goya Chocolates, the leading chocolate brand in the country and which has always been sensitive to the needs of its consumers, launched their Celebrate Everyday campaign which emphasizes and encourages this message, which is urgently needed in a fast-paced world like ours.
It recognizes the challenges faced by the everyday man, woman, and child, and responds to it by offering a wide range of goodies, each with its unique taste, flavor, and appeal that infuses that spirit of celebration in each activity, no matter how seemingly small.

Life’s little wins can happen anytime and anywhere; no matter what the situation is – work, home, play, just to name a few – and Goya fits right in the pocket of any celebration.  Goya’s taste is pure chocolate, with a few favorites like almonds and nuts blended into the mixture, adding to your munching delights.  As an added bonus, Goya chocolates are very reasonable; their taste can more than match the other brands from other countries, but the difference is, they will not break your budget.

Goya Dark Chocolate bars are perfect for those who suddenly enjoy a sweet gesture of romantic attention, whether riding with a crush in an elevator or passing by him or her in the corridor.  They can augment that kilig factor, and a small bite out of these sweet treats can keep one’s spirit flying throughout the day.
A promotion or an assignment of a major project is one reason why hardworking professionals celebrate.  Perfect for these occasions, and one which the team leader can share with the rest of the team, are Goya Classic Milk Chocolate bar, or Almonds in Milk Chocolate.  They can also be helpful because these ingredients have nuts which add to one’s energy at the workplace.
Another form of celebration – overlooked, but real nonetheless is a quiet evening at home, relaxing with family or toying around with a tablet.  These moments chase the day’s stress away.  The perfect chocolate for times like these is Cream White Chocolate, or Goya Raisins and Nut in Milk Chocolate, their sweetness and luscious flavor removing the tensions from work.

Through the years, Goya has been taking steps in creating chocolate products that are suited to the ever changing and discriminating taste of Filipinos. Whatever the celebration is, may it be big or small, Goya will always be there to make everything much sweeter and happier with every bite. Goya chocolates turn what seems to be a simple ordinary incident into an extraordinary moment that you will remember for a lifetime. So, please go ahead and Celebrate Everyday with Goya!

To know more about Goya and its sweet offerings, check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GoyaChocoholics.

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  1. We love Goya especially the dark chocolate variant. We also love their other version, the goya chunks and goya with almonds. So love almonds. :)


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