Sing and Rap Like Bow & Wow to Win a Year’s Supply of All-natural Pet Food

Let's talk about pets. What have you been feeding them lately? But first, meet our Frenchie baby, Humphry!

Diet plays a key role in your pet’s health, and it makes perfect sense that dogs and cats must have the best nutrition and health care available. However,
choosing a pet food can be confusing.

Just like finding the right food for your pet, it's not easy being a responsible pet parent. Here's a tip for those who want to have a pet. If you're not willing to learn how to feed them right and take care of your pet like it's part of the family, please don't get one! Dogs and cats are not toys for our amusement; they are not gifts. They have feelings, they are very loyal and they need our tender loving care.

I don't have to explain that our pet is part of our family. I'm a proud pet parent and I love doing pet-parent duties. The best part of being a pet parent is seeing the love in their eyes when you come home and feeding them pet food with love.

However, not all pet food is created equal. Do you know that most commercial pet food contain harmful ingredients that offer little nutrition? It may be full of by-products, fillers, and even fake meat! Just like human food, there’s good pet food, and there’s junk pet food which may even be detrimental to their quality of life and longevity.

I believe that for our pet to live the longest life possible, we must make sure to feed them right with the proper nutrition their body needs.  I'm so lucky we live near Shangri-la Mall where I found Bow & Wow, the best pet food store ever!
Bow & Wow is the first and only all-natural pet food store in the Philippines. I believe that the key to raising happy and healthy pets is through good nutrition. And that certainly seems to be what Bow & Wow is doing.

Their vision is to transform pet owners into pet parents. All their employees are pet parents too and most of their Pet Care Advisors are either a diploma-holder of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine or a licensed veterinarian.

They have the widest range of premium, additive-free, and preservative-free pet food from the USA. Also, they have a great selection of quality grooming products, toys, and accessories for happy and healthy pets.

Better than Snoop Dog & Kitty Purry, meet Bow the Dog and Wow the Cat. They are the newest music sensation who sings and raps about how to feed your pets healthy! Watch their video and join the healthy pet food revolution now!

This video serves as an eye opener for pet parents to be more selective and aware of what they feed their pets. Pets are totally dependent on their pet parents to give them a long, healthy, and happy life they deserve.

What you feed your pet has a direct impact on how he or she looks, feels, and acts. Feeding organic or natural pet food helps ensure your furbaby lives a long, happy and healthy life. Your pet deserves to be the star of your life forever.

Speaking of being the star, do you want your pet to star in the next Bow & Wow music video for a chance to win a year’s supply of all-natural pet food? Here’s your chance! Send a video of your dog or cat performing to the Bow and Wow rap “Let’s Talk About Pets”.

Pet parents residing in the Philippines can join the promo on Facebook for a chance to win prizes and have their furbaby star in the next Bow & Wow music video. Contest runs from September 16 to October 31.

Best of all, your participation will also help pets in need! Once they reach 100 entries, they will also donate 100 Kg of pet food to The Philippine Animal Welfare Society and CARA Welfare Philippines

How to Participate:

1. Like the Bow & Wow page on Facebook and/or Instagram.
Instagram: @bowandwow
2. Submit your entry through any of the following ways:
- Post the video on the Bow & Wow Facebook timeline and include the hashtag #bowandwow
- Post the video on your Instagram account and tag @bowandwow with the hashtag #bowandwow
- E-mail your video to YouTube links may also be e-mailed
3. Videos must be within 15 seconds to 60 seconds only
4. Music and/or lyrics used must be from the “Let’s Talk About Pets”song of Bow & Wow. To download the music clip, visit: You can also opt to sing the song a capella.
5. Bow & Wow will donate 100 kilograms of pet food to The Philippine Animal Welfare Society and CARA Welfare Philippines once 100 entries are reached.

Promo Period:

  • This promo runs from September 16, 12:00AM to October 31, 2014, 11:59PM (Philippine Standard Time). Only videos posted during this period will qualify
  • Winners will be announced on the Bow & Wow Facebook and Instagram pages on November 3, 2014, 6:00PM
Selection of Winners:

  • There will be two winners selected for this promo: one (1) winner of a pet dog video, and one (1) winner of a pet cat video
  • Winners will be selected by representatives of Bow & Wow and its agencies, based on the following criteria:

Originality - 40%
Entertainment Value - 30%
Creative Use of the Bow & Wow rap song- 30%


  • Each winner will receive a one-year supply* of Bow & Wow pet food and treats. (*Winner will receive Gift Certificates valued at Php 1,250 per month valid for food and treats only).
  • Winners will be part of the next Bow & Wow music video.

Rules and Guidelines:
- Only one video entry per pet is allowed. Pet parents with multiple pets may submit a maximum of one video entry per pet.
- You must be at least 18 years of age to join this contest.
- You must be residing in the Philippines in order to qualify for this contest.
- You must be willing to have your video viewed by the public.
- Your video must be original and must feature your own pet cat or dog only. You or other persons may also appear in the video, provided you are given consent by other persons to include them in the video.
- The Bow & Wow rap must be included in the video, whether by a music soundtrack or anacapella version.
- Please do not use other videos or music in part or as a whole as they may be copyrighted.
- Videos must be a minimum of 15 seconds up to a maximum of 60 seconds only. Videos that do not meet the minimum time or exceed the maximum time will not be considered.
- Safety for both you and your pet are a priority. Please ensure that you do not put anyone in harm’s way when creating your video.
- Only videos posted on the official Bow & Wow Facebook page, videos tagged to the Bow & Wow Instagram page, and videos or Youtube links emailed to will be considered. Videos sent as private messages will not be considered.
- Videos that include content of an offensive, derogatory, sexually explicit, racist, or hateful nature will be disqualified and removed immediately from the Facebook page.
- Employees or individuals related up to the third degree of consanguinity or affinity to any Bow & Wow employee during the promo period are not eligible to win any of the prizes in this contest.
- All winners are subject to verification.
- Winners must agree to have their names, pets’names, photos, and videos published on Bow & Wow social media pages and other supporting materials related to this promo. Winners must shoulder their own transportation expenses and be available to shoot the next music video in Metro Manila anytime within November 3 to 7, 2014.
- In case of any dispute, Bow & Wow reserves the right to make the final decision on all matters relating to this social media contest.

Be educated and inspired on how to be the best pet parent for your furbaby. Keep up to date with everything you need to know about your pet’s health and wellness by visiting Bow & Wow's website

You can visit their stores at the following branches:
- Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City
- Greenbelt 5 Mall, Makati City
- Robinsons Magnolia, Quezon City
- Eastwood, Quezon City
- Ayala Center Cebu City



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