How to Get to Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle, Entrance Fee, What to Do and More

We finally got to visit Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle as it opened its doors to the media last August 23. It is a private zoo and theme park devoted to endangered species and friendly animals, tucked away inside the famous Manila Zoo. It's an especially worthy destination when you have a few little kids in tow.

Located at the left side after entering the the main entrance of Manila Zoo, it has a separate entrance fee and different attractions.
With a whole day pass, you get to roam around the compounds and interact with tamed animals.

The press con highlighted two of its famous residents, the 50 year old "Mr. T" (Sulcata Tortoise) and the Hyacinth Macaw.

Mr. T. is a land dwelling turtle. The Sulcata tortoise will live over 100 years old and its shell will grow to over 1 meter in length and weigh over 40 kilos. Unlike turtles, these tortoises are not shy and actually likes being with humans. You can feed a sulcata in Kinder Zoo and you can watch how he easily breaks a carrot in two. Just be careful of his sharp beak but don't worry, because he won't bite on purpose.

Now here's the tiny yet adorable baby of Mr. T. that is around 4 months old, hatched within Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle grounds.

Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle's advocacy is to breed these endangered animals, which explains this.. tortoises caught in the act of copulating and the caretaker said it usually lasts for at least 6 hours. *wink*

They're also proud to conserve 7 Hyacinth Macaw which are the largest Macaw or largest flying parrot in the world. These are considered endangered species and are known as the clowns of the parrot family due to its yellow skin skin that looks like they are constantly smiling and for being inquisitive and playful.

You can also experience feeding these wonderful creatures. Again, just be careful of the beak. They're so powerful with a crushing strength of 3000 lbs. per inch. Your finger will be like a matchstick to them.

It's always a treat to see get a glimpse of famous animals such as Gibi the Gibbon, Boojie the Potbellied Pig, and Janet the Blue and Gold Macau at the zoo.

Other highlights are the Burmese python and Burmese crocodile or feed their gorgeous birds, roaming freely on the grounds.

For those with more excited appetites with regards to wildlife, Kinder Zoo also lets you pet reptiles like the Cayman Crocodile and Burmese Python.

On these designated pathways, you'll come face to face with our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, as well as colorful birds on the tree-top walk.

True to its name, the zoo offers a variety of different animals that every kids and kids at heart will surely love. It is a place where kids and adults can touch, learn and understand our friendly animals up close and personal. You can also get all your photos printed in a flash at the Photo Souvenir area.

Zoo-goers who fancy a closer look at friendly fauna can experience the varying hues of Kinder Zoo’s diverse Birdlife, the playful pelt of the baby Gibbon and the adorable Pot Belly Pigs.

After facing their fears with the crocs and snakes, children may relax their muscles by sitting on a Horse.  Zoo-attendees may also Wall Climb as much as they want; getting the Spider Man tendencies out of their system.

Or take a dip in the Kinder Zoo swimming pool near the zoo's exit, where kids can blow off the last of their steam. After swimming, they can dry their hair with an adrenaline-inducing Zip Line Ride.

If you haven't gotten your fill of animals and the outdoors at the Kinder zoo, head about a few steps and check out Manila Zoo. Will definitely impress your nephew who lives to see crocs, elephants, and tigers.

What We Like About the Kinder Zoo:
  • The animals here are totally adorbs and a real delight. Try to plan your visit to their habitat at their feeding times .
  • Easy walking route around the habitats (wheelchair- and stroller-accessible). A walking path wraps around the habitats, making the zoo easy to navigate and traverse.
  • Nice place to take a stroll over the hanging bridge, through the beautiful aviary, or around the natural habitats.
  • Most of the exotic animals can be fed or held, which is a rewarding experience where kids can go home with a greater appreciation for endangered animals.
  • Easy to reach by public transportation. There's a huge parking space with minimal fee.
  • There's a small Party Area where kids can celebrate his/her birthday. I don’t know how much it costs to rent the space for occasions. For more deets, check out the contact details at the end of this post.

What to Do at the Kinder Zoo: You can try the following activities at Kinder Zoo such as;
  • Zip Line
  • Wall Climbing
  • Swimming at the Kiddie Pool
  • Sideway Climbing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Hanging Bridge Crossing
  • Close encounter w/ live animals
  • Catch, Wish, and Release encounter at the Butterfly Garden
  • Petting and Picture Taking with Animals Butterfly Garden 
  • Fish feeding, bird feeding, 
What to Do After the Visit to Kinder Zoo:

You can combine a visit to the Kinder zoo and Manila Zoo with a stop at the Museum or Luneta Park nearby.  It's a visual treat: gawk at the whole city laid out as a giant diorama. Or shop at Harrison Plaza which is next to the Manila Zoo.

If you're more ambitious, the Manila Ocean Park is a close ride for another exciting adventure with the whole fam bam.

There are lots of parking spaces, with a fixed rate of Php30.00 for the parking fee.

Entrance Fee: 

Visitors will have to enter Manila Zoo to be able to purchase an entrance ticket to  Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle.
Adult: Php100.00
Kinder Zoo Entrance + petting the animals, taking photos, climbing the walls, swimming pool and zip line - Php 250.00
Manila Zoo Adult and Child (above 4 ft): P100.00 (Non Manilan's)
Children (Below 4 ft) - P60
Fifty percent discount for Manila residents with valid IDs.

Directions to the Kinder Zoo/ How to get there:

From Makati (or those coming from South) you can drive down to Osmena Highway, left to Quirino Avenue, and then lft to Adriatico Street.

From Quezon City, Caloocan or Malabon, take the road via Radial Road, delpan Bridge then Roxas Blvd., left to Quirino Aven then right to Adriatico.

Via LRT 1, the nearest station is Quirino Avenue then walk towards Baywalk. You can also take a jeepney and tell the driver to drop you off Manila Zoo, or you can ride a Pedicab which might be a bit costly than the jeepney fare.
Via MRT, the nearest station is MRT Taft Aveue Station.
Via LRT 2, transfer to LRT 1 at Recto Station then LRT Doroteo Jose Station.

So if you're  looking for a new kind of thrill or want to change up your weekend routine, Kinder Zoo Jungle Adventure indulges kids of all ages.

Branch Location: Manila Zoo Compound M. Adriatico St. Malate, Manila.
It operates daily, even on holidays from 9:00am – 6:00pm.
Phone no.: (02) 522-6179 or (02) 4755775