Grendha Collection, Perfect for Rainy Days

After a relaxing (read: lazy) weekend spent in the cozy comfort of our living room, I checked the weather outside and it was raining cats and dogs. I had no choice but to wear my shoes that eventually got wet and my toes didn’t even see the light of day.

Now, I'm having problems on what to wear during rainy days. I want to stay in style without sacrificing fashion and avoid looking plain.

In the past, I’ve gone for the cheapest ones that I could find but I’ve learned from bitter experience that this is a false economy. I've experienced hobbling home from a rainy day out with broken straps hanging off my sandals and some painful blisters. Ouch indeed!

This time, I’m going for comfort and sturdiness so that my rainy day footwear actually lasts me all year! I won’t say that I’m completely ignoring the cost, but I’m not going to be seduced by the under-a-hundred-pesos cheap sandals again because I know from experience that they don’t last and incredibly painful to wear. So I’ve had a look around the internet (where I do most of my shopping) and found Grendha's new collection, and quickly developed a crush on most of their range.

Here are my top picks:

Zaxy Very Happy, P1,495
Zaxy Sunday Sandalia, P1,795

Zaxy Popstar Punk, P2,595
Zaxy Popstar Queen, P2,595
Zaxy Picnic, P1,795
Zaxy London, P2,595
Zaxy Garden, P1,795
Grendha Conquista, P1,695
Grendha Acai Print, P1,495
Its new collection is perfect for the rainy days. The best and most stylish way to look and feel pretty amidst the bad weather, revolutionizing the trend in fashion with its sophisticated design and quality materials makes the perfect footwear to fit for the rainy days.

It is made of Polyvinylchloride (PVC) material, making it 100% waterproof, durable, and stronger than rubber! The choice of colors and prints made, give each product a unique personality suitable for stylish lady that is fit for everyday wear, even during the rainy days! It is the perfect footwear for the modern woman who is searching for a product with quality, with good value for money, and a product with design in tune with the current fashion trends.

So ladies, be wise, be beautiful, and choose Grendha. It is available in Bambu Stores and all leading Boutiques and Department Stores nationwide. Like GrendhaPhilippines on facebook.

And with that, I will now be retreating back to "chillax mode" and wonder what to choose from Grendha's fabulous collection. Are you planning to get new shoes this rainy season? What do you think about Grendha? Leave me a comment below :)


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