Toblerone Philippines Launches New SnowTop Bars and #MakeSomeonesDay Contest

The peaks of Toblerone get a frosty patch of snow sitting on top of its chocolate mountains, with the launch of the new limited edition, first ever and dual-flavored Toblerone SnowTop 100g bar.

I've always dreamt of snow. Sadly, we don't have snow here in the Philippines. Good thing we don’t have to get a visa or even travel far to experience snow. Because it’s right here in the Philippines! Toblerone brings one of the coolest and most delicious things you’ll experience this year: Toblerone SnowTop!

Billed as 'Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat, capped with white chocolate that gave it a cool silver look,  it brings another great option for people who can’t decide between milk and white! Get ready to salivate over this new treat from Toblerone that’s sure to #MakeSomeonesDay.

Resembling a snow-covered peak made from a delicious combination of white and milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat, it is a fresh new format for the brand, which will appeal to both loyal customers and new fans alike.  I do have a rather sweet tooth  but I love the combination of both honey and nut with chocolate.

A mountain of Milk and White Chocolate in one bar. That’s Toblerone SnowTop. Even if you don't consider yourself as a massive Toblerone fan, I would urge you to give this a try as it offers something a little bit extra oomph from the straight up milk chocolate offering.

Dubbed as Epic Snow Party, an equally epic launch was held tonight at Imperial Ice Bar in The Fort, Taguig. Party goers who were stylishly clad in white and silver enjoyed a night of tasting the delicious new flavor and enjoying the bar’s cool and icy VIP room, complete with snow jackets, a shot of Toblerone-infused vodka and snow of course!

Cheers! Love these lovely ladies to snowy bits! :) Photo credit: Rochelle Rivera of
Had so much fun at the Epic Snow Party with my friends! Love these gorgeous ladies to bits!
Toblerone Ambassador and my  favorite fashion blogger, Laureen Uy, judged the best dressed of the night. And guess what, I'm one of the winners. Yay!

 I'm also one of the winners of the "Best Wefie" contest! How cool is that? :)
Photo credit: Rochelle Rivera of
And here are the winners of the #TobleroneSnowTop Instagram contest. They took home a huge Toblerone Gift Pack and the lucky grand winner won a brand new iPad Air!

More than getting to taste a new flavor that’s definitely social media post-worthy, Toblerone SnowTop also launched its #MakeSomeonesDay Toblerone Contest that can also be your ticket to Switzerland! Yes, enjoy the beautiful sights of Toblerone’s birthplace when you join the contest. A top prize brought to you by a top treat, Toblerone!

The mechanics? It's easy peasy. You don’t have to move mountains or make a snowman. Just say it sweeter to your family and friends by sharing with them either a Toblerone SnowTop bar, a Toblerone Crunchy Almonds bar or the six customized Toblerone sleeves with sweet messages.

Toblerone does more than customize; you can choose from six different designs to say things sweeter to your loved ones. Say “Thank You”, “Congratulations!”, “Happy Birthday” or “Stay Awesome” with specially designed Toblerone bars.

Say it sweeter with Toblerone!
Together with the new Toblerone SnowTop, get a chance to win a trip to Switzerland when you enjoy the sweet and salty Toblerone Crunchy Almonds flavor. 
Buy any five out of these eight bars, give them as gifts and post about them. Always add the hashtag #MakeSomeonesDay and tag the Toblerone Pilipinas Facebook page. Toblerone and the delicious marriage of Milk and White chocolate can be yours now when you visit your friendly 7/11 store. Watch out also for its launch nationwide this August too!

The more posts you make, the more entries you get. If Switzerland isn’t your thing (but why not?), you can also win the weekly raffle for a deliciously huge 4.5 kilo Toblerone bar. It’s big, it’s delicious and it can surely make your day! :)

Having experienced a Snow party of epic proportions, I would like to thank Toblerone for bringing SnowTop to Manila and for giving me a chance to taste and experience snow with this new treat!

Photo credit: Rochelle Rivera of
For more details about the #MakeSomeonesDay contest, visit and follow Toblerone_PH on Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget to go out now to taste the delicious new Toblerone SnowTop and share it to #MakeSomeonesDay!

Have a great weekend, Tobies!



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