Tips to Successfully Sell your Stuff Online

Want to sell used items but don’t know how to get started? Post them online!

“Selling preloved items online is a growing trend in e-commerce because it provides an opportunity for everyday people to buy low-priced goods from each other instead of just buying from retailers that normally price items higher. This allows them to sell and buy items and share their opinion about different products. Nevertheless, everyone should observe good business etiquette and practice caution in their transactions to successfully trade stuff,” says RJ David, managing director of the leading buy and sell website in the country, OLX Philippines ( Formerly, the website was recently rebranded to become part of the OLX network, one of the biggest classified ads network in the world. At, it’s now easier and faster for ordinary Filipinos to sell things online.

 OLX Philippines Managing Director RJ David who is running the rebranded site together with Arianne David 
David provides the following tips for online sellers to make secondhand items more desirable to potential customers:

  • Provide clear and actual images of the items you are selling

Your products attract more potential buyers if their descriptions come with several clear images that are taken from different angles. Your photos must be actual and not those lifted from the web. This allows your buyers to see your items for what they are and discern their quality without asking more questions.

  • Offer a reasonable price for your products 

Before posting your items, check how much they are commonly priced as brand-new and as secondhand products, and how much other sellers are selling them. Buyers typically skip used items that are priced unreasonably high or suspiciously low so sell your products at a reasonable price for their quality and condition. Include your reason for selling the items. This would help you gain your buyers' trust.

  • Be upfront with the condition of your items

Provide accurate description of the physical and functional condition of your products, as well as their age and history. Disclose any flaw or defect so that the buyers are fully informed and can anticipate what they may need to take care of after the sale. By being honest, you will gain your buyers’ trust and improve your seller feedback.

  • Arrange a convenient meet-up 

Schedule a meet-up that is both convenient for you and your buyers. A meet-up helps you know who exactly you are dealing with, allows you to impart last-minute tips to your buyers, avoids miscommunication, and keeps you safe from scammers. Keep in mind that most scams occur if sellers ship the item before payment is made or if buyers send the payment before getting the item. This can be avoided when both parties agree to do a meet-up.

“Selling used items at is easy and profitable. Just be honest and professional and you are sure to make extra money, earn the trust of the buyers and establish new relationships along the way,” says David.

OLX Philippines has launched the “Yesss, Yaman!” movement, which will go around schools and barangays throughout the country to promote financial literacy and earning extra cash from selling secondhand items online. To know more about the campaign, visit



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