Sige Moms Let their Kids Be Kids Without Worries

Shoes grubby with mud, walls splattered with paint or drawn on with crayons, and all kinds of spills, these are the kinds of mess that usually follow when kids are left to be kids. In other words, parents’ clean-up nightmare. But this is not the case for a group of celebrity moms who embrace such sights as a weekend staple.

The Circle of Sige Moms, composed of Barbie Almalbis-Honasan, Christine Bersola-Babao, Dimples Romana, Gladys Reyes, and Nikki Valdez, was born out of Breeze’s Sige Sabado movement. This campaign strongly encourages moms to adopt the “Sige sa mantsa” parenting philosophy, which is all about allowing kids to be kids and explore, and learn positive values even at the expense of getting dirty and stained.

Sige Sabado also advocates for moms to spend Saturdays bonding with the family, instead of spending the rest of it doing household chores.

The movement is based on numerous research that suggest that giving kids the freedom to play and get creative while on it, is crucial in their development. Studies also suggest that kids learn best when they are having fun with their moms; their first teachers.

Aware that childhood is a time to form lasting memories, the circle of Sige Moms pledge to foster positive memories by finding time in their busy schedules to spend quality time with their kids. They also promise to spread the word to other moms out there about the positive benefits of adopting the “sige sa mantsa” philosophy.

Committed to spread their advocacy, the circle of Sige moms shared their Sige Sabado activities, in hopes that other moms will find inspiration in them.

Dimples added that their Saturdays are currently being spent on her daughter’s cake decorating class, apart from their regular weekend family camping trips.

It’s a different tune at the Honasan household. With a rocker mom like Barbie, Saturdays are spent filling the house with music. Barbie’s daughter would sit in with her when she’s practicing and she would hand her an instrument so they can have fun making music together.

Similarly musically inclined, Nikki and her daughter share a love for singing and said that crooning together are moments that they thoroughly enjoy. She added that her daughter also love spending Saturday afternoons riding her bike.

Meanwhile, weekend starts on a Friday at the Babao’s. Christine gets Fridays off from work which meant three days of arts and crafts with her children. She shared that if they’re not molding clay, they’re probably rolling real dough in the kitchen.

The circle of Sige Moms fearlessly threads the world of paint spills, kitchen clutter, glue leaks, and scattered glitters because they have products like Breeze to rely on, to take care of the mess. They could care less about the disarray that follows because it is in these messy moments that the best memories with their children are made.

Be a Sige Mom! Join in and get messy with your kids and take charge of your kids’ learning and memories. :)



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