Of Life, Love and Black Lace Shorts from Romwe

❤ Oooh, that black lace shorts..

This week, I’d like to recommend you this popular black lace shorts from Romwe. :) It features hollow lace trim, which looks amazing against the skin.  I like how they add a delicate detail by adding a touch of lace. You can wear them with a tee or shirt. It is very versatile and is a great balance between feminine and edgy.

That being said, I have good news, lovelies! You can have this Romwe Black Lace Shorts for $9.99 (63% off) on July 10 only! Just click the following link: http://www.romwe.com/romwe-hollowout-lace-trim-black-hot-shorts-p-80372.html

I feel like a kid again. Catching the wind and blowing on a pinwheel.
After all, we're all just kids that grew up too fast..
Speaking of shorts, I'd like to share my #OOTD wearing this black assymetrical shorts from Romwe, featuring fitted waist, rear zipper, asymmetric hem design, twin pockets insert on hip, regular fit and all in soft-touch. I love the fit and it's comfortable to wear.

Love it or hate it? Let me know what you think. :)

Photo credit: benj of Shuttercount Photography
Some thoughts to ponder: Life is like a pinwheel. It just keeps spinning. People turn to face their challenges and choices. Your life may feel like it’s spinning out of control, out of time or maybe it’s just not spinning in your preferred direction and you're just not wanting to face it...

Maybe you want to make changes or need another perspective? Perhaps you want to explore your options or you just want to try something new? Whatever it is, remember to live life to the fullest. As colorful as it can be. :)

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Have a great day, lovelies!



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    1. Sa totoo lang sis, nahihiya ako and yet I'm enjoying it haha Ikaw din sis mag ootd ka na ulit, masaya pala.. parang nagkukulitan lang kami ni benj kasi lagi ako inaasar sa shoot hahaha


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