KathNiel Stars in the Movie She's Dating The Gangster: 9 Reasons Why They Are Definitively The Hottest Teen Love Team

Whether we have the best individual actor/ actress doesn't matter, you need to have the best love team to make the best rom-com movie ever. And by that, I mean KathNiel.

KathNiel stars in the film adaptation of of young adult romantic novel, 'She's Dating the Gangster' by local author Bianca Bernardino.  It is a story about two teenagers, Athena Dizon and Kenji de los Reyes, whose pretend relationship eventually turns into something deeper.

The poster provides the first still of the teen stars dressed as their respective characters, Kenji de los Reyes and Athena Dizon.

"She's Dating the Gangster" is the third big-screen outing of the rumored couple, following "Must Be... Love" and "Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay," which were both released last year. As part of Star Cinema's ongoing 20th anniversary celebration, She's Dating the Gangster is now showing in cinemas nationwide beginning today.

(L-R) Book author Bianca Bernardino, Ms. Carmi Raymundo, Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina, Kathryn and Daniel Padilla

The film is directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, who previously worked with both Padilla and Bernardo in the hit television series "Got To Believe." Veteran and award-winning actors Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta who also boasts of an iconic loveteam that is still solid and strong as ever, are portraying very special roles in this movie.

In a blogcon held yesterday, Kathryn Bernardo described Daniel Padilla’s TV persona as that of a “bad boy,” but she added that much like Kenji, there's still a sweetness beneath the tough veneer. She said that her favorite part of the movie is the "Sexy love" scene and they have to watch out for DJ's possible sleeveless or shirtless, sexy appearance in the movie.

Basically, here are some of the reasons why I love this couple;

1. Ok, first of all, the blockbuster tandem, KathNiel, has this beautiful sometimes-dorky, sometimes-not-dorky, lip-smacking, always-charming-and-gorgeous-looking couple who has launched a thousand shrieks. Kilig overload.

2. Boys just love Kathryn's’s effortless beauty and charisma while girls swoon over DJ's wonderfully scruffy face, puffy eyes and all-around perfection.

3. Their presence and chemistry off and onscreen is real and unscripted. They are exact opposites but have so much alike. They seem to be the perfect match.

4. Plus the amazing Filipina beauty that is Kathryn Bernardo.

5. And the thing he does with her chin. Too cute.

6. Beyond the cutest and sleepiest gangster you'll ever see, you'll love DJ's expressive eyes and also his smile (or smirk) and cute (and sometimes weird) facial expressions but mostly his eyes.

7. And basically just their all-around existence. Or how they still look adorable and hot at the same time in the rain which is actually really sweet.

8. They hang out together being perfect and sweet and looking better than any other loveteams.  That, and all of their selfie-taking beauty.

Photo credit: KNLOvers_FP
9.  But mostly they just exist in absolute perfection as one of the hottest loveteams in the country and also the hottest Teen King and Queen probably ever.

God bless KathNiel.

Do watch the movie and watch the full trailer:


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