Maleficent Block Screening at Trinoma

I was invited to the block screening of Maleficent at Trinoma. It was my first time to watch there but I’ve always loved and preferred watching movies at Ayala Mall Cinemas like Greenbelt 3 and Glorietta, so I instantly gave it a go. 

Trinoma has redefined the movie experience by letting moviegoers immerse themselves visually in the movie.  Quite simply put, I had an amazing movie experience and there’s no better destination for cinephiles to go than catching a flick at Trinoma.

And here, my friends, are some of the reasons why I love watching at Trinoma:

  • Heightened movie pleasure. Hint: the awesome kind, with its wide screen and larger-than-life images wherein you'll literally become part of the film.  Plus the mouthwatering snacks from TGI Fridays and Fish & Co. that we ate at the movie screening. 
  • The movie theater is huge, with ample legroom in each aisle that won’t let you shift uncomfortably in your seat whenever someone passes you by. Add cozy and comfy seats and hip interiors. 
  • It has the same crystal-clear audio and multi-sensory bliss that you get from other Ayala Mall Cinemas, creating the feel of a movie studio so people will get to see the film just like how the director meant it to be, down to the smallest details. No fuss, no frills, just sheer movie magic.
  • There’s a generous amount of space between the first row and the screen, so don’t worry if front-row seats are the only ones left.  I know it's the most undesirable spot in the house lest you’re in the mood for a stiff neck.
  • And in case you’re really picky, there’s always (which works in any Ayala mall) to save you from the hassle of lining up or leaving your movie plans up to chance, perfect for extra-crowded Friday and Saturday nights. I personally love its reserved seating policy where moviegoers can purchase tickets online or at the venue in advance and select their desired seat. For anyone who’s ever shown up five minutes before the movie, sat on the far right side of the front row, and left with a stiff neck, this is a major plus.  (Thanks to my good friend Char, who always shows up five minutes before the flick.)
  • Lastly, the cinema’s dynamic ambience, spacious interiors, accessible location, and the exceptional customer service that Ayala Mall cinemas have been known for, give every film aficionados more reasons to head back to Trinoma and enjoy for themselves a rewarding time at the movies.
Combine almost every amazing feature I’ve mentioned so far and you have a solid choice for the posh cinĂ©aste. If you’ve ever tried lining up for tickets at Trinoma when other special effects-heavy sort were playing, you’ll find that the long lines are testament to the type of movie experience it promises. 

Now for the movie, Maleficent. One word - Magnificent. Angelina Jolie is at her best when she's curling her claws and elongating her vowels. She did an amazing job portraying my favorite Disney villain. 

There were also many touching scenes in the movie, one of which was a scene that features a cameo of her real life daughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt.  The daughter was cast because she's the only kid who could stand seeing Jolie in full Maleficent makeup (read: fierce eyes + enhanced cheekbones + contour) and no other kids her age would go near let alone play with Angelina in character. They were too scared of her horns, eyes and claws. Also, her 2 other kids Shiloh and Pax have cameos in the movie.

The story is a bit of a muddle with a string of sequences that shuttle the characters back and forth between two locations, a castle and a magic forest. And somehow, there's only enough time for Sleeping Beauty to get five minutes of shut-eye. I think it's not a death-like sleep, that's a power nap.

Consequently, Trinoma gave me the best of both worlds: a sparkling screen and one great Disney classic movie.  

Thanks heaps to Trinoma for the invite. Follow Trinoma on Twitter: @trinomatweets Instagram: @ilovetrinoma


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