Share your Journey to Success with Max's Restaurant

Each one of us has a success story within us, just waiting to be told and shared.

Some define success by how much good can be acquired.  True success is defined by how much good can be learned, practiced, shared and given away.

From being a waiter at Max's Restaurant in 2000-2001, Coco Martin is now one of the most respected actors in the country. Be inspired with how he was able to rise up to life's challenges and become one of the most loved stars of today. Like Coco, Max's success is rooted from traditions, values and relationships.

Take a peek into Max's new TV commercial and know more about his max-sarap na kwento ng success.

As for me, I'd love to share my own success story. The Shuttercount success story.

They say life is like photography. We improve and develop from negatives. This is what happened to two of the most amazing guys I've ever known. From being two of the most unrecognized achievers in a corporate world to landing on their dream job.

My husband, Benj, and his friend, Ed, have been doing photography for more than 5 years, until the time they have decided to create Shutter Count. Every day, for every click of the shutter, they move closer to their dream.

Shuttercount got its start in 2011, after Benj was terminated after working for more than 5 years in a BPO company by their power-tripping, deranged and somewhat clinically insane supervisor. He was terminated from his previous job when all he wanted is to do the right thing and defend others for what is right. Ed, who also worked in the same company, decided to resign and supported Benj all the way. They have proven their loyalty and how strong their friendship is on many occasions.  My husband's termination was a blessing in disguise and solidified a unique partnership that launched Shuttercount as a serious player in the photo-video business.

Since its inception, Shuttercount has produced hundreds of event coverages, ranging from small break out birthday parties to big-budget wedding productions. Unable to get financing, we took a risk by selling some items at home and decided to buy dslr cameras and video equipment. It taught us early on that to be successful in this business, you have to believe in what you’re making and stand behind that faith.

I work alongside my husband in capturing videos and editing as well. I was glad to be a part of this team and I didn't regret resigning from my previous company for even a millisecond.

Each and every client's testimonial is a testament to our team's vision and persistence. They provide an extra boost of confidence that Shuttercount will succeed.  In a competitive industry, that makes a difference. We have reached almost 3000+ likes on Shutter Count's Facebook page, gained a lot of loyal clients over the years and we are extremely humbled, thankful and blessed for landing the #1 spot of Smart Parenting Moms’ Picks: Top 5 Photographers / Videographers.

Success takes passion, love and devotion but it also takes a sincere desire to find and capture moments that are truly amazing and share the happiness with our clients. We always try to capture more than just a picture or a video, we capture memories. Metro Manila, in particular, is in a golden era of photography and filmmaking. The best photographers and videographers in the world live and shoot here and we're consistently striving to become one of them. That's great, because we have a lot of stories to tell, moments to capture, and we want to tell these stories and share them before we die.

Hard work with a truckload full of positivity beats talent 'cause no matter how talented you are, if you put in 0% work, you'll go nowhere. That being said, I am so blessed to work with such a passionate, talented and amazing team. The Shutter Count Team.

And THIS is our success story.

The road to success may not be easy but it will be worth it. Coco's success story, as well as our Shuttercount success story, is a proof that with perseverance and hard work, you can make your dreams come true!

Share your journey to success. How did your day become a success? Complete the sentence below: My day is successful because __________. Use the hashtag: #SarapNgSuccess

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