Sharing Our Famfie

There are friends, there is family and then there are friends that we consider as family. Speaking of family, there is a new trend called "famfie" which means family + selfie.

Sidenote: Makati has been dubbed by Time Magazine as the "Selfie Capital of the World" as the most selfie-obsessed place on the planet. Yes Sir! We have been caught up in the selfie craze. From the looks of it, Philippines could easily claim the first place as the famfie capital of the world soon.

Yeah, that's right! Because selfie is too mainstream, here we go....... Famfie!

Famfie with my friends and gym buddies at the gym!
There are days when I am lazy on so many levels but I'm glad I have my #fitfam to motivate me to get in shape! I consider these lovely girls and our Zumba instructor, Kuya Popoy, as my family at the gym, and I spend most of my time there.. I mean I might as well move in. Lol I'm blessed to have them as my family! They really gave me a lot of support from the start. And that certainly made me feel good and motivated about trying to get back  in shape and be the best version of myself.

I started going to the gym last December and after 3 months, I've lost 31 unneeded pounds, added muscle and gained strength. I'm thrilled beyond words to feel better and stronger than I've felt in years, and I hope I could lose a total of 33 pounds when I turn 33 next month.

And here's another famfie.. (because once is never enough!)

Anyone who’s ever tried to take a famfie will know that it can be tricky trying to get everyone in the frame, but it seems Kuya Popoy is a dab hand at it.

Everytime there's a special event or gathering, we see to it that we capture the moment with our family. And by family, I mean not just your biological family but your officemates, college friends, or club/org-mates.. and  for sure there's a #famfie on each and every event! So why not squeeze in for a famfie and share them with everyone?!

Post a famfie of yourself  with the people you also consider as family ( barkada, gymbuddies, officemates, teammates, etc) on Facebook,Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag  #famfie. Don't forget to tag Jollibee. :)

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