The Gutierrez Family In New Reality Six-part Series On E!

ONE Mega Group’s TV100 and the Gutierrez Family has joined forces to produce It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez for E!

Annabelle Rama was mum and kept it a secret for a few months but on a presscon held at Holiday Inn Suites, NBC Universal VP Scott McKenzie officially announced a six-episode reality series, produced by the Philippines’ media powerhouse One  Mega Group’s TV100. This show will give audiences across South East Asia, an all-access pass to the family.

The Philippines’ favourite showbiz personalities – the Gutierrez family – finds a new home on E! which is the global destination for ‘Pop of Culture’ and the renowned leader in entertainment news.

As part of E!’s continued commitment to shine the spotlight on local Asian personalities and celebrities, the series will follow the Gutierrez family - Eddie, Annabelle, Ruffa, Raymond and Richard - as they give audiences an unfiltered look at their incredible personal and professional lives.

What is "GUTZ"?
GUTZ is like saying  GUTS, meaning "Courage" or something enabling someone to do something.

So now you know - GUTS means "Courage" - don't thank me. YW!

And with this new show, Gutierrez family is the perfect fit for a no-holds-barred series on E! Annabelle Rama was really excited for their new show and even said to the press that audiences will see them as they are - no script, no lines, no drama or whatsoever. “Reality show nga di ba? Hindi naman ako marunong masyadong mag-English, buti na lang merong, ano nga yung nasa ibaba ng TV? Yung subtitles.” Spot on! That said, I've always liked Annabelle Rama because she's feisty, frank and at the same time, I find her brutally honest and funny.

“As the home of the most topical pop culture buzz on celebrities, daily entertainment news and live red carpet coverage, E! is the perfect fit for a no-holds-barred series on the Gutierrez Family,” commented Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Universal Networks International. “We are delighted that they are opening up their lives and that we are able to bring this locally relevant content to our E! audience in the Philippines.”

It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez will launch on E! SkyCable Channel 57, Cignal Channel 25, and Cablelink Channel 33, later in 2014; more details to follow.



  1. We'll see how this one goes. I could watch the first few episodes then decide if I have to continue.

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  3. Im sure Bibida si anabelle rama diyan sa bagong show. kakabongin sila richard, raymond at ruffa!

  4. yay,i love the gutierez siblings,gonna watch this show!

  5. hi! you have the links of the past episodes?thanks


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