Santoni, World Renowned Italian Shoes, Opens its Door in the Philippines

Good news for shoe freaks!

You don't have to travel all the way to Italy to get yourself a nice pair of handcrafted Santoni shoes. Because one of the world’s most admired Italian shoe brand, Santoni, opens its first store in the Philippines, at Shangri-La Plaza mall (2/F East Wing).

It spells luxury, design and perfection with its Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Take a peek and watch this slideshow.

Santoni finally gives Filipino shoe lovers access to the prestigious brand that was born with the creation of the haut de gamme shoes laboratory by Andrea Santoni in 1975. The brand’s legacy has been handed to his son Giuseppe, making the brand an international icon with 490 employees and a turnover of more than 55 million Euros. The distinctive features of the pure Made in Italy shoes remained unchanged through time. Quality, passion for details and rigorous handmade workmanship are the core elements of distinction from its competitors in the exclusive club of the most famous and recognizable luxury brands of the world.

“We are delighted to bring to Manila the first Santoni boutique here at the Shangri-La Plaza mall East Wing,” said Emerson Yao, managing director of Lucerne, the exclusive distributor of Santoni in the Philippines. “It is a brand that we believe in – with its creativity, elegance, and excellent craftsmanship, Santoni is indeed a name to beckon with in the field of luxury hand-crafted footwear.”

 Andrea Casavecchia, Asia area manager, said, “Santoni, synonymous with a tailoring practice applied to shoemaking, proposes a Spring/Summer  2014 collection that starts from the renewal of models and materials, personalizing them with new attitudes and behaviors, the gestures of a contemporary man. On the other hand, ideal worlds and cultural reminiscences create a women’s collection that combines the urban with the natural.”

Santoni flew in Italian master artisan Francesco De Santis to showcase the art of shoemaking for the ultimate Santoni experience, which is always at the service of the client and his wishes.

Santoni also introduced the Fatto a Mano su Misura, a service, not a collection, for those who are hardly satisfied - style maniacs, connoisseurs and experts. The rituality makes this experience as unique as the final product. The creation of a handmade shoe follows a specific procedure: foot measurement, selection of the shape, of the hides, and of every slightest detail.

The shoe is adjustable ad libitum to the client’s request. The construction process takes over two months, starting with the lasting and ending with the coloring. The pleasure is amplified by the waiting for the perfect object. The outcome is one-of-a-kind shoes, impossible to imitate as they are fruit of true genius and human manual ability, instead of being the product of a depersonalized machine. Fatto a Mano su Misura represents the evolution and peak of Santoni’s craftsmanship.

Santoni for AMG shoes are a product of the know-how Santoni, which follows the Italian manufacturing heritage without neglecting the high performance while driving. Each model is made to perfectly fit the driver's style enhancing performance and comfort. The collection features the FIA Approved shoes, dedicated to professional racing. Light and fireproof, the shoes comply with the FIA's highest standards. The carbon sole improves the adherence on the pedal and wraps around the feet like a glove.

Besides collaborating with top brands, Santoni boasts Man, Woman Junior and Accessories collections. Fine sneakers for informal occasions and the most refined construction of Limited Edition men’s shoes stand out. Santoni collections are available in selected boutiques worldwide and in flagship stores in Milan, Rome, Cagliari, Lugano, Cannes, Baku, Beijing, Cannes, Doha, Dong Guan, Guangzhou, Moscow, Shanghai, ShenYang, Singapore, St. Moritz and Tokyo.

Santoni Shoes is located at the 2nd level of Shangrila Mall East wing. 


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