Washday Wednesday: Load Up Your Laundry with Fujidenzo Washing Machines


Today is washday. Ironically an hour ago, I found out about our busted washing machine (washless Wednesday) and I knew exactly what to do next. Buy a new one. However, I'm not sure which washing machine to buy so I checked the Fujidenzo line as it is highly recommended by my friend. 

My first question is, “What is the best washing machine for my money?” I review some of the newest models of Fujidenzo washing machines to answer just that question.

My first choice is JWS-680 – 6.8 kg. Single Tub Washer (Gray)  because of its compact, sleek and attractive design, making it a contemporary-looking appliance. I'm afraid I might lack the space for a full-sized washing machine so this is a pretty good choice. I'm sure that with its features, it does not only looks good, but also works better than any other washing machine on the market. 

JWS-680 – 6.8 kg. Single Tub Washer (Gray)
- Eco-Soak Wash Cycle
- Stain Resistant Finish
- Powerful Star-Fin Design Pulsator
- Wash Selector
- Lint Filter
- Durable Clear Cover
- Rust-Proof Plastic Body
- Rat-Proof Base
- (h:w:d) 33.5 : 20.75 : 17.65 inches

My second choice is HWT-880 – 8.8 kg. Twin Tub Washer because whether I need a washer that's compact or capacious, the Advanced PowerSpin Technology and high-tech features really make it the sultan of spin. It has a neat design with cool hues of blue which I really like.
 HWT-880 – 8.8 kg. Twin Tub Washer
- Eco-SoakWash Cycle
- Powerful Pulsator
- Additional Mini Pulsators
- Advanced PowerSpin Technology
- End-of-Cycle Signal
- Dual Inlet hose
- Wash & Drain Selector
- Lint Filter
- Durable See-Through Cover
- Rust-Proof Plastic Body
- Rat-Proof Base
- (h:w:d) 37 : 30.5 : 18 inches

My third choice is JWT-701 – 7 kg. Twin Tub Washer because this machine does everything, it seems. Modern, sleek, and stylish are all aspects that make it a perfect choice. It has a huge capacity and Advanced PowerSpin Technology for extra versatility.

JWT-701 – 7 kg. Twin Tub Washer
- Eco-SoakWash Cycle
- Powerful Star-Fin Pulsator with Scrubbers
- Air Dry System
- Durable See-Through Cover
- Dual Inlet Hose
- Lint Filter
- Rust Proof Plastic Body
- Rat-Proof Base
- (h:w:d) 33 : 29.5 : 17 inches

Fujidenzo is my top brand of choice because it has always been at the cutting edge of innovation with home appliances. It is a relative new player in the washing machine field and they are certainly making themselves known with the brand new line of washing machines. Its high quality washing machines provide users with a number of features that are top of the line and are sure to please everyone.

Also, Fujidenzo provides excellent and dedicated after-sales service for Fujidenzo appliances throughout the Philippines at our Authorized Service Centers. They have over 100 service centers nationwide and will provide you with:
-  Manufacturer-trained technicians to repair and maintain your appliances
- Original branded spare parts that are readily available even for earlier models
- Security of fast, complete and qualified service

Check out their website for more deets: www.exatech.com.ph For inquiries, call:  712-0535 For service concerns: 230-1555 / service@exatech.com.ph
Like Fujidenzo on Facebook! : www.Facebook.com/FujidenzoAppliances


  1. I like your first choice since we don't have enough space in the house. I am not really familiar with Fujidenzo till I found out about it on facebook because they are having an online promo wherein you gets a chance to win an appliance just by liking and sharing their post, very generous indeed but unfortunately i haven't won yet and their promo is about to end hehe

  2. is HWT-880 – 8.8 kg. Twin Tub Washer has a dryer?

  3. nice review... You give me an idea about fujidenzo washing machine. I like most the second one because it has an Advanced PowerSpin Technology and high-tech features... Hoping to own that fujidenzo washing machine soon.. :)

  4. Wanna try it. I hope makabili ako.. hehee

  5. Nice magkano na kaya ito sa market

  6. I wish the Fujidenzo HWT-880 – 8.8 kg. Twin Tub Washer will go on sale at any appliance store!

  7. I like the second one because of it's capacity. We usually have 4 full loads. With this one, I think it'll be reduced to two. :)

  8. Thiat is made from philippines? no indicated where made is.

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