Review of the new Jollibee TV Commercial this Christmas

Jollibee recently launched its thematic campaign and new commercial for Christmas featuring the heart and soul of OFWs.

In case you haven't seen it yet, watch the heartwarming moment of a family reunited for Christmas:

Clearly, Christmas joy here in the Philippines with the whole family never fades, and this commercial reminds us of that unassailable fact. Jollibee has done a superb job of building hype around its Christmas ads in recent years, making a series of TV commercials that are deeply sentimental yet heart-warming.

This commercial tells a story of OFWs missing their loved ones this holiday season. A story set on Christmas Eve, with the love for family at its center and an unlikely love and warmth as its driving force. The ad depicts a heart-warming scene of young man who works in Qatar; arrives and meets an old cab driver who is also missing his son. The young man's joy of being reunited with the family and sharing that happiness with the cab driver is genuinely touching and is sure to hit home with a lot of people this holiday season.

With a touching, family-friendly plot, the TV commercial might make you tear up a bit and it'll give you a glimpse at the less commercial Pinoy Christmases of days gone by. It's also a sweet look at how love, sacrifice and change can expand one's world and life, even with random strangers.

The commercial is only 43 seconds in length, but it contains a lot of touching, tear-jerking, and excitement over the happiness of spending Christmas with the whole family here in the Philippines. The point is quickly made and well-taken:  "mas masaya  talaga ang pasko sa Pilipinas, lalo na pag kasama ang buong pamilya”.

With over 94,000 views on YouTube as well as a high proportion of positive comments, it reveals that this year’s Jollibee TV Commercial for Christmas has been much better received so far. The in-depth and brilliant take on thoughtful spending of Christmas with the family, appeals all of us in terms of tugging at the heartstrings. So much of this holiday season revolves around commercialism and capitalism, but this Christmas-themed commercial from Jollibee is a simple, sentimental and sweet homage to the joy of the season.

Indeed, Christmas is the best time of the year to spend time with your family.  And it's amazing how Jollibee brings Christmas joy to Filipino families the whole year round.

Happy Holidays!



  1. the family man in theJolibee new commercial does;nt fit the role. I knowhim he just left his wife and kids for another woman. Pity his little girls if they saw this commercial must be thinking .. is that my dads new family hehehe

  2. Does Jolibee do a background check on their talents for commercial to make it ore credible????

  3. from the anonymous comment i feel sad ng mabasa ko comment ..buti na lang tapos na ang Pasko dko na nakikita yung commercial but in fairness maganda mensahe ng Jollibee,,Masaya talaga sa Pinas pagkasama pamilya at sa Jollibee magsasalo-salo ang pamilya,,

  4. Let's just look on the message and not on the artist itself.

  5. i love this commercial kase ang ganda nya kase tingkol s pamilya.nakakarelate ako

  6. i like this commercial, it promotes how family is important in our lives!

  7. this one heart warming commercials ive ever seen!

  8. I totally relate to this! haist...nung unang napanood ko ito nalungkot ako!

  9. Heart warming commercial! nakakarelate kami ng ng kids ko!


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