IiP Symposium presents the HR Standard for Improving Business Performance

Investors in People (IiP) Philippines, in collaboration with Breakthrough Leadership, is mounting the very first IiP Symposium in the Philippines to make the Investors in People Standard accessible to organizations who aims to improve their business though people strategy. The IiP Symposium will be held on September 5, 2013 at 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the SGV Hall of AIM Conference Center, Makati City.

Investors in People is the world-leading best practice quality standard for people management. It works for all kinds and sizes of organization. Those that use the Standard improve their results, including revenue, profit, productivity and customer satisfaction. In transforming business performance, Investors in People can help organizations develop effective strategies, execute them and review the results!

The forthcoming Investors in People Symposium provides the following program takeaways for the participants: A new model for aligning people strategy and business strategy; Access to on-going support for developing and maintaining an effective people strategy; Access to resources for evaluating your people management practices to facilitate continuous improvement; among other organization development insights.

Janet Webster, IiP Philippines chairman and practitioner developer, said in a statement that Investors in People is delivered throughout the United Kingdom and internationally under licence by Investors in People Centres. These IiP centres are licensed and quality assured by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills to manage Investors in People in specific territories. Investors in People Philippines is the licensed provider of Investors in People in the country, with many years experience and qualified specialists to support organisations. As the initial point of contact for Investors in People, they are responsible for information, advice, support and assessment services for clients wishing to work with the principles of Investors in People.

As the Framework for Business Impact and Growth, Investors in People offers a holistic approach to delivering a well managed company—encompassing business planning, leadership, people management, communication and culture, evaluation and continuous improvement.

The new approach begins by identifying an organization’s unique needs or business priorities and then applies the Investors in People framework to meet them, allowing an entity to focus on their chosen organizational objectives, whatever they may be.

“Recently, IiP Philippines has introduced the Working with Investors in People Program for business owners decision-makers, HR Professionals and managers who want the best for their organization and its people, and get expert consultancy on improving results ,” Webster also said.

Janet Webster has a long experience with Investors in People from its beginnings in the UK to her involvement in providing support and assessment to organisations across the global business arena who are using Investors in People to improve their business performance. As the Chairman of Investors in People Philippines, Janet is a qualified Investors in People practitioner, quality manager and trainer.  She is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, holds a diploma in Personnel Management an honours degree in English from Manchester University and an MBA from the UK. Janet has extensive networks in the UK and internationally, operating in the areas of HR and management consulting, organizational development, coaching and mentoring, and learning and development.

Interested participants who would like to meet Janet Webster in the forthcoming IiP Symposium may contact the organizers through telephone nos. 8461463 and 6231212 and email services@investorsinpeople.ph.


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