Work Double Time with Sharp’s Double Washer Washing Machine

It’s a weekend and you’re in a hurry to finish your household chores like cleaning the house and washing the clothes so you could go on a much-awaited movie marathon with the family after lunch for your much-needed “stay-cation.”

It’s been a stressful week at work but you still need to take care of the house. Cleaning can take an hour or two but for washing clothes, you’re looking at a minimum of 3-4 hours, especially if you’re a weekend washer. With all the dirty laundry that piled up over the entire week, it’s a cause for worry.

But then again, don’t worry. Sharp Philippines, one of the country’s leading names in home appliances, introduces the Philippines’ first and only washing machine with a twin washer feature.

Yes, every washing machine brand has a twin tub, which is a washer and spin dryer, but Sharp Philippines upped it a notch with its “double washer” washing machine that allows you to wash at twice the speed and yet saves you money in the process.

The double washer washing machine from Sharp has two washer tubs, each with a separate washing capacity to allow you to wash simultaneously both white and colored clothes. 

The first tub you can use for your “white” laundry like babies’ clothes, underwear, and your delicate ones, while the other one is for “colored” clothes, e.g., adult clothes, heavy wash and even rags. With the Sharp double washer washing machine, you have the luxury of choosing which tub to use depending on your wash load.

Exclusively from Sharp Philippines, the double washer washing machine provides up to 50% savings in washing time and effort and of course electricity consumption—you wash more at less the time.

And because of its patented cylindrical design that Sharp pioneered in the Philippines, you save more space anywhere you decide to put it in your house. Putting up the spin dryer alongside can also be easy since Sharp has spin dryers with a similar cylindrical shape. What more can you ask for?

With the Sharp double washer washing machine, you can take care of your home effortlessly and enjoy more quality time with the entire family—because  you deserve nothing less.

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  1. I want this washing machine to my wife! definitely i would buy it!

  2. Saving time, effort and electric consumption! Yay I need this to have more quality time with my kids!


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