Feeling Fresh on the Go with pH Care Feminine Wipes

Hey, ladies! Want to stay fresh on the go? Especially if you have your period? Apparently, regular tissue or ordinary wet wipes are not enough to keep you fresh and clean all day. And that is where pH Care Feminine Wipes come to the rescue.

I have been using pH Care feminine wipes for a long time now. These wipes are the next best thing to remaining fresh and clean all the time. I instantly feel much better and more confident using this product. That being said, I 'd love to share a quick product review.


These wipes come in handy when you're out all day and want to freshen up. It comes in travel packs of 10s and fits easily in any handbag!

It is perfectly sized to fit in your pocket and even small enough to fit in your purse. Meaning, you can easily stash them in your purse or gym bag, and use them when you’re pressed for time or don’t have time to shower. The resealable flap is very easy to open so you won't have a hard time opening and sealing it. As long as you seal the packet correctly, they do not dry out easily.

The Product

They are soft and lightly scented to help you feel fresh and clean all day, every day. The smell is fresh and clean; the fragrance is quite subtle but at the same time not heavily perfumed.They’re perfect for freshening up during your period, after activity or anytime you just want to feel fresh. Designed to help wipe away odor-causing bacteria, these wipes are a quick, discreet way to freshen up when you’re on the go, which is probably most of the time.

It is dermatologically tested to be gentle on the skin. The wipes feel soft and wet but far from overly  saturated. The wipe does not create a lather but is wet enough to do a serious cleaning job.  They are also not irritating and cause no reaction or burning sensation for me.


Handy and easy to use.
Hygienic, which gives you that fresh and clean feel.
pH-balanced and safe on sensitive skin.
Dermatologist- and gynecologist-tested
Gentle formulas won’t irritate sensitive skin
Alcohol-free and hypoallergenic
Comes in nice packaging with a secure soft pack for discreet and convenient use

None. :)

I highly recommend pH Care feminine wipes especially to all the girls on the go, and a must have during that time of month.  With pH Care feminine wipes, feeling fresh on the go is easy. :)

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  1. Feeling fresh down there should be part of every women's priority. Feminine wipes is way better than using tissue paper! Hooray!

  2. Having this in a pack is a girl's dream come true. :)

  3. I think my wife should try rhis! its so convienient!


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