The New Angel's Pizza and Pasta Combo's Chicken Parmigiana on Trial

The charges:  Rockstarmomma recently tried the new Chicken Parmigiana Pizza from Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo which is criminally addictive in nature, deliciously crammed and slathered with fatty goodness that is allegedly high enough to assault one's waistline. Specifically charged at Supreme "food" court with overeating, there's suspicion of dubious consumption of Angel's Chicken Parmigiana pizza in 2 consecutive days.

The defence:

I, Rockstarmomma, testified that it is a new variant of pizza that any family will love. Of all words I know, Chicken parmigiana pizza is the chunkiest and cheesiest. If your seventh chicken strip doesn't heal a person's broken heart, the two slices of pizza you shovel down your throat sure will. I know the delivery guy from Angel's is surely judging me for coming to my house two days in a row. I am dangerously obsessed with this pizza,  hand tossed and topped with the dust of angels.

It's available in hand-tossed and thin crust but I love the hand-tossed more than anything. The toppings are extremely generous, and the cheese— well, it gave me more than the usual solid cheese experience. (The more, the better of course) It's a bit thicker than the regular thin crust and I love the light, fluffy and crispy layer over the crumb, but without the bubbly, fried, and oiliness.  It crisped up quite nicely and  the cheese yields a very tasty flavor with the chicken and tomatoes. The texture of the dough is amazingly similar with the classic "hot pandesal", and this pizza is great and filling even for breakfast the next morning (that reminds me of the old times).  I could eat this pizza, cold or hot, at any time of the day.

Think this pizza is foolish? My slice of this meaty and cheesy pizza crust says your argument is invalid. But I have to admit that I had a hard time for a bit of judicious belt-tightening because this pizza is delicious, as you might imagine.

The witness:

My hubby says, "I wish she looked at me the same way she look at that pizza. It's criminally tasty, I can tell by the way she uses her fork.  She even made me and the whole family try it and she got us addicted to it as well."

Aside from a whole crime scene to feed, further evidence of good character comes from a study which found that people who consume more pizza may actually be decreasing their risk of cancer. Yay! Pizza rules! More evidence shows that hand tossed pizza is cooked with minimal oil unlike other pizzas cooked in a pan where they squirt a bunch of oil (bad, fatty oil) and it's really greasy.

Here are some of the evidences:

Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2
The verdict:

Definitely guilty as charged. Case closed.

I have no regrets on eating Angel's Chicken Parmigiana except for using fork the first time I've tried it. Of course, pizza can be eaten with a fork or by hand, the choice is yours! You can it eat it anyway you like. However, it pains me when people eat hand tossed pizza with a fork and knife. It was made by hand, so a big slab of pizza should also be eaten by hand! Just my two cents.

The truth of the matter is that a family pizza can feed a family of 4 or even more.  They also have the Double Deal promo or Buy 1 Take 1 that is valid for dine-in, take-out and delivery. It’s fun to order 2 big family pizza for a price of 1—something my hubby and I can share and still have leftovers—as opposed to just one box of pizza. Soon they will also have an easy online ordering and have the pizzas delivered to your doorstep. In a society wherein pizza gets to your house before the police, this online ordering is fast, simple, and convenient. At times, I don't trust the police, but in Angel's pizza, we crust.

Get your own Angel's Pizza Club card and enjoy a lot of  freebies, including  25% on all pizza purchase, buy 1 take 1 free and a special birthday treat from Angel's Pizza Pata Combo! 
I claimed for a fact that this pizza is worth picking up, affordable and tasty! Once you've tried it, you'll definitely come back for more. The fact that I live within 5 minutes ride to an Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo store, they have free delivery, and an upcoming online ordering system soon, makes me believe utopia can be achieved. To be honest, I don't know what I'm looking for in life, but it's probably pizza related.

So grab a slice of Chicken Parmigiana pizza at any of the branches of Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo or have 'em delivered to your house. Your taste buds will thank you ;)

Delivery Hotline: 922-22-22
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  1. wow! i looks so delicious! i wanna try the new Chicken Parmigiana Pizza from Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo! i will order!

  2. OMG! I drooled instantly when I saw this blog! I first tried chicken parmegiana way back my college days and I miss its cheesy delightfulness. I wonder how it tastes on a pizza version... I have to try this!

  3. Big! big pizzas! I haven't tried them yet though they look so yummy! And I'm craving for them now. I got to bring my boyfriend with me too, I can't finish that big pizza. Haha

  4. Now you're making me want to order a couple boxes! Pics look excellent, can't wait to taste it!

  5. How can i get a Angel's Pizza Club? how much? or is it free?

  6. looks so yummy favorite pizza with lots of tomatoes..yay sarap! but no angels pizza club here ;-(

  7. wow! looks delicious! hope to try this weekend

  8. This is great! looks sooo yummy! I wanna try this Chicken Parmigiana Pizza from Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo!


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