Space Craze Hits the City

Space Craze hits the city. Close to 20,000 brave souls hoping to be the first Filipino in outer space have joined the Axe Apollo Space Academy (AASA), an ambitious campaign by men’s personal care brand Axe. 

Aside from the Philippines, Axe will also choose representatives from all over the globe to participate in the once-in-a-lifetime challenge that will turn ordinary men and women into space heroes like Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Yuri Gagarin. As the excitement for the search intensifies, various astronaut sightings were reported in Metro Manila, including one spaceman taking a ride near the De La Salle University campus.

The Philippines joins the space race as Axe Philippines is giving ordinary citizens the chance to be the first Filipino astronaut in the Axe Apollo Space Academy (AASA). The men’s personal care brand has partnered with United States’ Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) for the campaign, which is said to be its most ambitious yet. As the anticipation for the final list of would-be spacemen heats up, various astronauts were sighted in Metro Manila, including one grabbing a bite at Mang Larry’s Isawan in UP Diliman.

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  1. I hope one of the filipinos who joined will be chosen to be an astronaut and be the first filipinoto be in space. it would be exciting!


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