That Magical Moment with John Lloyd Cruz

That moment when you see someone special in the most unexpected and random places... magical.

You don't often see someone who can make an ordinary moment seem magical. But when you do... it's priceless.

That person is no other than the award-winning actor, model and TV host, John Lloyd Cruz.  Held at Xin Tian Di Restaurant in Crown Plaza Hotel, Jack ‘n Jill Magic has launched its new campaign last Friday.  The campaign highlights life’s little surprises with celebrity heartthrob, John Lloyd Cruz.

Have a taste of Magic! :)
Now on his third year as Magic’s brand ambassador, John Lloyd shares, "It's such an honor to be with the brand for this long. I'm pretty excited about this campaign because the concept is really engaging and fun. Finding nice little surprises can really be magical."

When asked about how he feels to be on board Magic’s recent campaign, John Lloyd says that he couldn’t be happier. He added, “And bringing the campaign to life by taking it to different places in the city is a really great thing.”

Oh, wait.. so why choose John Lloyd?

Well, he's not a magician and he has no crystal ball or magic wand, but he absolutely makes magical moments come to life. His charisma apart from the natural talent and good looks that he already has, sets him apart from other male celebrities who have either talent or looks alone.

I guess there's just something magical about him...but also something awesome about someone like John Lloyd doing something magical for other people. It might be cliche to fall in love with Popoy, but there's something magical about him! I mean, really. Who's with me??!! *Basha raises hand.*

 “When it comes to bringing magic on and offscreen, John Lloyd is everyone’s go-to leading man,” said Magic Marketing Director Chris Fernandez. “We feel that he can even take it a step further by turning  the mundane into something magical for just about anyone.”

When asked what makes every moment with him seem magical, he says, "I just try to be sincere, and to be myself. Magic just happens, it's special, rare, random. Something that could happen anytime."

Magic Flakes' new campaign is all about an ordinary yet very special person who is about to be immersed in a dreamy and magical land with Mr. John Lloyd Cruz.

One evening, while waiting for her Cebu Pacific flight to Hong Kong, OFW and mom Ma. Luisa “Malou” Alicaway found herself sitting beside a handsome and familiar man, who offered her Magic Flakes while he chatted away. It took her a few seconds to realize that everyone in the pre-departure area was watching as John Lloyd Cruz tried to strike up a conversation with her.

Malou couldn’t help but blurt out “Makita lang kita masaya na ko, Magic na eh! (“Just seeing you already makes me happy. It’s already Magic!”)

Before they parted ways, the charming actor awarded her with a special gift: a “Kabuhayan Package”, which consisted of P50,000 worth of Universal Robina Corporation (URC) products.

“We wanted to give the campaign another dimension by taking it beyond TV. We wanted it to touch the lives of actual people, so we’re bringing the magic to other areas in Metro Manila,” said Chris. “Who knows… one of these days, you might just bump into Magic and John Lloyd in your neighborhood or workplace.”

Evidently, my version of having a "selfie" with Lloydie is a heavy dose of magic followed by a spoonful of baked fish fillet in miso and mayo with Magic Chips in cheese flavor. Yay!

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Another Instagram post:
Snippets of John Lloyd's 30th birthday party that was prepared by his lovely girlfriend, Angelica Panganiban.

Photo credit: Instagram @marjarekasel
When asked if he considers his 30th birthday a magical moment, he says, "That night was truly magical. It was a magical moment for me, for myself on my very special day together with all the closest people in my life."

Indeed, nothing quite as magical as experiencing the unexpected and being swept away by those delicious little moments that just drop in out of the blue, and turn your ordinary day into something magical.

Speaking of magic, I love how the dishes that were served at the event were cooked and sprinkled with Magic flakes. I didn't know Magic Flakes can make these dishes taste so much better.

Baked fish fillet in miso and mayo with Magic Chips in cheese flavor
Braised sea abalone with polonchay and bean curd
Deep fried pork with Magic Flakes breading
Chef's Special Appetizer with magic Flakes on the side
With Magic’s latest campaign, everyone can look forward to experiencing magic in their day-to-day lives. So there, I hope you guys have a taste of Magic today!



  1. no rice for me so its good that magic flakes really do magic to all kind of dish..

  2. I love magic flakes! my favorite midnight snack! it a good thing they are giving back to those who in need! that is way magic flakes so popular!

  3. Yay, John Lloyd!I love eating my tuna sandwich spread with magic flakes bits!

  4. Super love my bebe ko, Lloydieeee!!!

  5. A Moment with John Lloyd is truly magical. hehehe I love Magic Flakes with Century tuna.


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