Melawares Launches New Disney© Line for Kids

It’s always a challenge for parents to keep their toddler’s attention in check especially during mealtime. It’s because “focus” is one thing they have yet to learn.

There is a long list of distractions to kids during chow time such as their favorite toy, pet, or favorite TV show. If only there is a way to put their entire “favorites” collection on their plate to keep them excited during meal time and actually eat their food.

I've tried Melawares' Disney line and these are the things that I love about the product:
  • I really like the bright, colorful design  (as does my 5 year old daughter loves her pink Disney Princess dinner set) and the quality of this product.  The colors are bright as in the pictures, and it looks well constructed. I also love the packaging and these are awesome gifts for the little ones too!
  • It is durable, unbreakable and heat-resistant.  So it's safe to bring anywhere, whether in school, family  trips, or during picnics. You don't have to worry about breakage for this set because it's really durable.

  • It's a trusted brand.  Parents can trust Melawares and Disney© because these two brands stand for quality, trust and of course, family. 

This one is perfect for kids who love Mickey Mouse!
Teaching young kids how to eat using a plate, spoons and forks is really tiresome, messy and a real test of patience for most parents or even the yayas. Some even resort to doing “choo-choo train” or “here’s the airplane” for kids to open their mouths. But with the new line, Melawares hopes to keep kids happy and excited during meals and also help parents teach their toddlers how to eat properly and at the same time have some fun while eating.

Kids will definitely love “Mickey Mouse,” “Goofy” and “Donald Duck” playing football or Frisbee, while girls will enjoy Disney© Princesses like Princess Aurora, Cinderella and Belle while mimicking tea-time or play kitchen activities with friends or neighbors. Melawares Kids also has designs from the popular “Cars” movies for future racecar drivers or those who simply love the car characters given life through animation.

Melawares, one of the most trusted brands of tableware from CDC Manufacturing Corporation, thought of a solution by partnering with global label Disney© as it launches its “Kids” line of tableware adorned with popular Disney© characters.

Make sure to hit leading department stores and check out Melawares Kids line with the ever-famous Disney© design.

Aside from Melawares, the classic brand that carries high-quality melamine tableware products, CDC Manufacturing Corporation has other brands such as Bestware, an affordable tableware line; Urban Kitchen, a modern brand that carries food service products outside of melamine tableware; and Perfect Dining, a brand of high-end melamine products exclusive for the SM Department Store chain. It is also the leading manufacturer of customized dinnerware for Quick Service Restaurants serving some of the biggest names in the food industry.

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  1. Ill definitel will buy that for my daugther!She will surely love it!

  2. Ohhh.. favorite ng anak ko ang Disney Princess these days. Naku, she would ask me to buy those pag nakita nya. I swear! Haha!!

    Btw sis, invite kita uli to join my giveaway. Very easy naman ang steps. See u there! :))


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