Smart Lets You Tweet the World for Free Until July 31

Good news to all Smart subscribers!

Smart Telecommunications gives free Twitter connectivity to users until July 31!

Anyone can tweet using any Twitter-enabled phones for free, whether it's a smartphone or even a basic but internet-capable handset, without paying for connectivity costs.

Tweet all you want until July 31 by going to the mobile version of Twitter at on their mobile browsers. You need to turn your data connectivity on to use Twitter on your mobile device for free. If you have apps that run on the background access the internet, you will be charged for the access.  You therefore need to make sure that no apps are running in the background.  Links on Twitter that point to websites outside of Twitter will still be charged to one's account when clicked, but a prompt will appear to warn users if they're leaving the free Twitter service.

Check out the deets on Smart's Twitter offering by visiting the Smart page for the free Twitter initiative or by texting TWITTER to 211 (for Prepaid and regular postpaid users), to 7577 (for All-In users), or to 9990 (for Freedom users).

Happy tweeting, tweeps!


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  1. free tweet? hehehe free tweet nga kasi naka-wifi ako ;-)


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