Put Your Kid's Best Foot Forward with Dr. Kong's Healthy Shoes

With school days almost here, it's time for your kids to slip into some school shoes. But before you do, ask yourself;

Are your kids' feet healthy? Have you considered having them checked? Do they have healthy shoes or are they killing their feet?

Apparently, the shoes your kids wear in school tell a whole about them and  you as their parents. This is why children's shoes are as important as adults' shoes. Same thing as looking for the best school for your kids, we should take serious thought on choosing the best pair of school shoes because it's one of the most important accessories for your tots. They spend around 20-30 hours in their school shoes so it's vital to buy a pair that fits properly.

As a mom, I usually spend hours looking for dresses and hair bows for my daughter, thinking how to make her look more fabulous and prettier. And forgetting to give importance to other parts of her body. Say, her feet? The feet is the most neglected part of the body. Even when we shop, it's the last on our shopping list, considering our feet bear our entire body weight and withstand long hours of shopping. The result? Sore, painful, and cracked heels. :(  The feet is usually taken for granted --not until something goes wrong with them.

Picture this: A person dolled up with great looking hair and make up, wearing a fabulous dress and ultra high heels... with cracked heels plus painful and shabby looking feet. How does it look? Does she look pretty? Certainly no.

If your feet could talk, what'd they say? 
Turns out that just like many other aspects of life that we take for granted, our shoes can often do more harm than good. High heels, sky-scraping stilettos, killer pumps and flimsy flats are the norm, but it appears that bad footwear choices can wreak havoc all the way up the legs and into the spine. Teetering around them can cause ankle sprains and discomfort.

Choosing the right pair shoes is no rocket science. As parents, we simply have to invest on a good and sensible pair of school shoes for our kids. Good thing I discovered Dr. Kong Healthy Shoes, a healthy concept footwear provider that was established in Hong Kong in 1999.  They are the first to provide the innovative "Check and Fit" foot assessment. They aim to educate the public with the importance of healthy feet.  For some, the saleslady will say that she’s scanning your feet for the right insole, but her main objective is to sell the insole or the shoes. For Dr. Kong however, it is about educating people.

Dr. Kong was derived from the word “Dr." referring to doctor or health and wellness, while the “Kong” refers to Hong Kong where it originated from. The founder, Dr. Raymond Ng Kwan Ying, explained that ill-fitting shoes can result in foot problems such as flatfoot and rearfoot valgus. He also pointed out that a survey has shown that over 60% of kids have flat foot syndrome but most of the parents are unaware of the problem.

The people behind behind Dr. Kong Philippines. With Prof. Raymond Ng Kwan Yin - Founder and Vice President of Dr. Kong  Holdings Ltd. and Mr. Ronald Chow, Business Development General Manager (BSc. Hons in Prosthetics and Orthotics) 
Actually, I agree and I think it's neglect and lack of awareness of proper foot care including ill-fitting shoes, that bring on the problems. Most parents overlook the importance of their children's foot problems and suitable shoe types. Sadly, this may lead to foot problems such as flatfoot and rearfoot valgus. This is why parents should be educated that the condition could still be corrected for kids with flat foot through exercises and proper footwear, among other factors.

My daughter also experiences foot pain. She hates long walks and always asks her dad to carry her. Poor dad had to carry her because our poor girl couldn't walk for hours. That is why I decided to visit one of the branches of Dr. Kong Shoes at Robinsons Galleria to have her feet checked.

Maribel, a well-trained store attendant or foot health assistant examined Maia's feet  through the help of a pedometer machine, computerized foot assessment, and a footmark board.  This "Check & Fit" foot assessment which is actually free ensures that products are fit-to-a-tee to ensure comfort.

Maia stepped on the footmark board and her foot prints were scanned using a VI foot assessment system.  A photo of the heel bone is taken and measured. Then, she stepped on the pedometer, which will align her feet according to her height.

After the free foot assessment, the attendant briefly explained the results of the foot assessment. I found out that Maia has severe flat foot. As a licensed physical therapist who sadly never got to practice my profession, I still remember a bit about flat foot.  You have flat foot when the arch on the inside of your feet is flattened, allowing the entire sole of your foot to touch the floor when you stand up. Like most moms, I know it but I was not aware that my daughter is flat footed. Now I know the reason why Maia, aka Little Miss Flat footed, tires and pains easily after a long walk.  But seriously, I'm a bit worried because if one's arch doesn'’t develop by early teens, it is definitely a cause for concern. That  being said, providing proper shoes, not becoming obese, avoiding unnecessary strain on her feet are some of the precautionary measures.

Know more about flat foot by watching this video:

She recommended the most suitable shoes and foot care products according to the condition of my daughter's feet. She also explained the benefits of the shoes that she recommended for my daughter. This pair of shoes will help support the arch and reduce stretching on platar fascia in walking. Plus a forefoot wedge to shift pressure from medial to lateral. Equipped with a hard heel counter, it  has well situated hardness to stabilize the heel bone and  effectively reduce pain and tiredness of the soles of her feet.

We got the cute pair of pink shoes paired with her pink spine-protection school bag. This pink shoes is officially Maia's favorite shoes at the moment.

Aside from healthy shoes, they also have healthy bags. The spine pressure-free school bag effectively prevents round shoulder, and reduce shoulder, neck and back pressure. Find out more about Dr. Kong's spine protection school bag and some important back care tips. Watch this video:

Lastly, Maribel gave a few simple stretches and foot exercises to strengthen the muscles of the feet  which will help the development of foot arch, and to make sure my daughter's feet are giving the best support for the long haul.  The foot assessment is free and you're not even required to buy their recommended shoes or other economical foot care products.

Ranging from Php1,500 to Php3,000, the sandals, sports shoes, school shoes, and office shoes are available for all ages from eight months and up. Accessories ranging from orthotic insoles for support to from gels and  shoe care products are also available.

Specializing in school shoes designed for children in their developing stages, their products are proven to be safe to the skin, causing no allergic reactions. Also, their products have passed international safety standards, and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

An eponymous line of cute and high quality shoes... comfy, stylish, fashion-forward and of course, healthy.

They customize shoes for nurses, hospitality workers, airline crew and to those who are working in industries where they have to be on their feet for long hours.

Dr. Kong shoes are available at Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Magnolia, Sekai Center, and SM Aura Premiere.

Make sure to purchase the right pair of comfortable and healthy  shoes for your kids that ensures healthy feet. Here are some tips to take good care of your little one's feet:
  •  Shop in the afternoon or buy them late in the day when your feet are already tired and slightly swollen so you're sure to select the right size for your kiddo. 
  • When your kids try on shoes, let them try on both feet because many peeps have a larger foot than the other and it's best to get the bigger one.
  • Keep the toenails neatly trimmed and cut them straight across. Never cut into the corner and do not round the corners because this could cause an ingrown toenail. Keep their feet clean and dry.
  • Don't let your kids wear hand-me-downs. Also, kids who are sharing shoes can spread fungi like athlete's foot and nail fungus.
  • Exercise and keep the blood flowing to your kids' feet. Make it a fun playtime with your kids by asking them to wiggle their toes for 5 minutes or move their ankles up and down and in and out to improve blood flow in their feet and legs. Of course, walking is the best of all foot exercises. Take your child shoes shopping. That's walking for a purpose. :)
  • Do not let them cross their legs for long periods of time.
  • Don't make them wear tight socks even if the colors are incredibly cute!
  • Don't skimp on quality, healthy shoes for your kids!
  • Remember, it's not normal for kids to complain foot pain or to avoid social or physical activities because of foot problems.  If you see some abnormalities, contact a podiatrist.
How about you? Do you have normal and healthy feet? If you have no idea then you better go and get your feet checked for free at Dr. Kong Shoes pronto!

No one cares about your foot and spine like Dr. Kong so don't miss your chance to stock up on  Dr. Kong shoes and get your free foot assessment. Remember to "check and fit" before  buying a new pair of shoes! :) Your feet work harder than any other part of your body, my dear. So love your feet.



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