Precious Pampering with a Plus: Tupperware Brands Launches Baby Care Plus+ Milk Line

In the past, Tupperware plasticware and containers dominated our kitchen and dining area. I've known the brand for ages and Tupperware has been part of our lives. What I didn't know was that Tupperware isn’t just all about plastic containers and food keepers anymore. It is now about baby-care products, cosmetics, clothes, bags and stainless-steel cookware, among others.

The flagship Tupperware brand, which features the popular food containers, is still the fastest-growing among the company’s array of products. To maintains its leadership in direct selling business, they continue to introduce more innovative and high quality products such as beauty, cosmetics, and baby care.

I was invited to the launch of the newest  member of Baby Care Plus+ family, Baby Care Plus Milk line. The event was hosted by the actress, host and loving mom, Dimples Romana. She talked about the challenges of being a mom to her daughter who is more like my daughter, Maia.  I know staying active is an important part of a kid's life.  However, there are times they get really active and playful. We share the same sentiments because our daughters just happen to be the active and adventurous type. My daughter loves to run, so I was delighted to stumble upon these new products for kids to keep her safe and protected.

Moms always want to give extra special attention to all their kid's needs and like most moms, I'm  particularly meticulous in choosing products that will touch my daughter's sensitive skin.  Through a growing baby care brand, Tupperware Brands aims to provide the best baby care line that is proven to give gentle yet effective protection for babies. Further, the company plans to hold more events to spread out the opportunity for direct selling of these new products across the country.

The new line, Baby Care Plus+ Milk, is made with unique skin care ingredients that is specially designed for babies and kids. As well know, milk is healthy and it helps moisturize the skin.  The new Baby Care Plus+ Milk is enhanced with moisturizers, making your baby’s skin smoother, healthier and more nourished. The new range includes bath, soap and lotion with a mild creamy floral scent that your little ones will love.

The entire range has been infused with the caring and pampering ingredients that are made locally. They have been developed by a team of leading scientists to give gentle moisturizing and conditioning benefits without causing irritation. The entire range has been clinically tested, and proven to nourish and soothe the delicate skin of your baby, and protect against irritation. These are specially formulated, dermatologist-tested products with unique plus benefits to give baby’s sensitive skin gentle care and protection.

So surround your baby with natural gentleness designed to work wonders on the skin of your baby.  Give your baby the TLC that they deserve with Baby Care Plus+ Milk.

On the other hand, the blue variant of Baby Care Plus+ Baby Shampoo, Baby Bath, Baby Powder, Baby Cologne, and Baby Lotion, has the same form but different smell. The scent is more like powdery with floral notes. Each is formulated to provide your baby the gentle loving they deserve. With moisturizing and skin protecting ingredients, protect your baby from prickly heat.

With sweet, calming aromas, you can  let your precious one have a good night's sleep today by giving them a bedtime pampering with a plus. You can also make bath time more relaxing and enjoyable for your baby with Baby Care Plus+ Milk Bath or Baby Care Plus+ Milk Soap that leaves your baby’s skin gently cleaned and conditioned and hair soft, smooth and freshly scented. It can  create a nurturing ritual between you and your little one. It can be used on babies one month or older, and it can also be enjoyed by adults!

Baby Care Plus+ Milk Bath and Milk Soap are infused with  Lamesoft Skin Protector  and form a natural barrier around your baby’s skin so it gets protected while she is gently having a bath. It also has a mild PH balanced formula so it won’t irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

After a refreshing bath, give your little one a gentle massage using Baby Care Plus+ Milk Lotion. It is a light lotion formulated with milk moisturizers, 24Hr locked-in moisturizers and Vitamin E that will keep your baby’s skin nourished, velvety smooth and soft all day.

My favorite products are the ff; Kids Playtime and Bathtime collections which offer gentle protection and have unique plus benefits like Kids Plus+ Powder with Allantoin for irritation and inflammation, Kids Plus+ Cologne with Hydraplus formula, Kids Plus+ Lotion with Nectapure that locks in moisture to skin, Kids Plus+ Bath and Kids Plus+ Soap with Plantapon skin cleansers and Kids Plus+ Shampoo with Puricare.

I honestly love Kids Plus+’ delightful packaging and fun fruity scent. For both playtime and bathtime, it offers better protection and care for our kid's skin.  It is pediatrician approved and has been developed to cleanse, soothe and moisturize kids’ sensitive skin with ingredients that are guaranteed mild and gentle.

Your baby deserves gentle protection so it's important for us to keep our baby's skin smooth and silky. With the new Baby Care Plus+ Milk line, moms can relax knowing that their baby’s get the extra care and protection they need.

I'd also love to hear what you think of Baby Care Plus+ Milk. Do you think your kid will benefit from these products? Well, I guess you better try them first. :)

Also, happy mother's day to all mommies out there! :)



  1. i will try this really soon :)

  2. Oooh. Would like to baby my baby brother that.

  3. I'll tell this to my sister in law :) Perfect for my nephew

  4. i will try this really soon :)thank you for this maam :)

  5. ano po mas mabango, yung blue variant or yung with milk? :)

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  7. I bought my Baby Care Plus Baby Body Cologne at (here's the link: ) last month for my little sister, She's 3 weeks old. I'm amazed about the product's scent, It smells great. Thanks for this post!


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