Have a Luscious Mango Lovin’ Summer with BonChon's Mango Sans Rival

Properly relishing summer’s sun-drenched days and lazy afternoons calls for a cool, creamy treat that highlights the season’s sweetest yellow mangoes – exactly like the new Mango Sans Rival at BonChon!

A new lusciousness just for summer for BonChon’s Ko-Yo, (Korean Yogurt) with the new Mango Sans Rival Ko-Yo.
BonChon Chicken, the global chicken phenomenon, is known for taking classic favorites and making them oh-the-more-delicious by infusing them with a delightful twist.  The well-loved BonChon Ko-Yo, or Korean Yogurt, is delectably creamy natural yogurt that’s subtly sweet with a hint of tangy tartness.

BonChon heralds the onslaught of this golden summer with the seasonal lusciousness of mango.  Savor a wonderfully summery cup of alternating layers of cool, creamy Ko-Yo and homemade graham pie crust, topped with juicy mango preserves and toasted cashews in the limited edition BonChon Mango Sans Rival Ko-Yo.  Inspired by the cake, every spoonful of this layered treat is a delicious play of tastes and textures, making for a delightful summer interlude.

Make it a BonChon Ko-Yo Summer all season long.  Enjoy the classic Banoffee Pie and Blueberry Torte Ko-Yos, or have an icy, bubbly moment with the Ko-Yo Soda Floats in Orange or Rootbeer, also available in Cola and Lemon Lime.

The full Ko-Yo line is available in all BonChon stores nationwide, in all branches in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Baguio, Cebu, and Davao.  For more information, log ontowww.bonchon.com.ph



  1. wow new from BONCHON i would love to try the Mango Sans Rival at BonChon!

  2. so sarap naman BonChon Ko-Yo, or Korean Yogurt sana we have here also in Lucena City

  3. mouth-watering treats! yummy! :)

  4. Wow! Love this! Will try it.. ;)


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