Pop in to UNIQLO's UT POP-UP! T-shirt Shops Tomorrow

Something is about to pop tomorrow! UNIQLO opens UT POP-UP!

As a new marketing concept and a first in the company’s ten-year history of selling UTs (UNIQLO T-shirts),  there will be T-shirt shops in central locations in major cities worldwide.

If you're Southbound tomorrow, check out the Uniqlo UT Pop Up Store! Uniqlo will be having a special pop-up store tomorrow at the Ayala Triangle. Limited edition shirts (UTs) will be sold at a UT store just  across Ayala Triangle, at the 2nd floor of Paseo Center if you wish to purchase new UT designs at a huge discount . The UT POP-UP! T-shirt Shop at the Ayala Triangle will be open from April 25 to April 26, 10am to 10pm only.

The initiative aims to broaden UNIQLO’s reach to its customers, to make fashion accessible to everyone and in unique and interesting locations. In the Philippines, Filipinos can expect the same UT experience at other UT POP-UP locations worldwide. A huge UT sign is set-up right at the center of Ayala where one can see the various UT designs as well as other culture and arts display.

It will house large-scale pop-up shops in central metropolitan locations offering a limited, dedicated product mix, complete with a GIF booth via the UT Camera.  UT CAMERA was also set-up and everyone is welcome to pose for a photo that can be seen globally.

As part of the event, the brand has launched a brand new app called UT camera which enable users to turn video portraits into super cute animation.

UT CAMERA is a new smartphone video app that turns one second personal looped video portraits into animation. Users can download the UT CAMERA app to their smartphone (iPhone and Android) to convert their video. The footage can then be uploaded to the official UT website (ut.uniqlo.com) for those sporting UT apparel, and linked to Facebook, Twitter, and more for all users. You also get a PhP200 discount coupon after having fun at the booth and showing your faces to the world. :)

For some moving inspiration, check out the largest pop up Uniqlo store in one of Tokyo's busiest subway stations.

For the first location, UNIQLO hosts the largest ever UT store in Tokyo Japan last March 28-April 7, UT POP-UP! TYO. The shop is located on the site of recently relocated platforms at Tokyo’s Shibuya Station, which is one of the world‘s largest train stations averaging 2.4 million passengers daily on weekdays. The former platforms are lined with more than 12,000 UTs in over 1,000 different designs and types, over a space totaling 660 square meters. UNIQLO plans to issue 100 types of new T-shirts to mark the launch.
At UT POP-UP! TYO, UNIQLO was also the largest ever video shooting session - with around 10,000 participants, this activity offers one an opportunity to appear in a UT advertisement. The UT CAMERA on site at UT POP-UP! TYO allows visitors to take part in a shooting that is then projected on a venue wall through projection mapping – so that participants appear in a campaign visual. The footage may also be used in future UT TV advertisements. At UT POP-UP! TYO, visitors can also download the UT Camera app and share their footage.

UT POP-UP! Will last for two days, until April 26, 2013.

See you there!



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