Flip into Fun this Summer with Carribean Footwear

Summer is here! Time to dig out your shades and flip flops, people! Because it's definitely hottah in Manila than the Carribean today!

The sad part is that I didn’t even realize how badly I have been needing a new flip flop until we finally booked our next summer escapade. But as if by divine intervention, I was invited by Azrael of Azrael's Merryland  and Carribean Footwear to give their flip flops a whirl.
Carribean Footwear offers one thing, flip flops, and maybe a few sandals thrown in. They also launched their Urban Safari Summer 2013 Collection, with a wide range of fun and colorful summer designs.

It has granted previously restricted toes the freedom to frolic with its wide selection of Safari-inspired women's collection.

I used to believe that...

the first day of wearing flip flops in summer is the Worst Foot Pain EverAmen.

However, I've tried the flip flops from Carribean Footwear and this is what I have to say..

It is..

C -ushy comfortable and I smile every time I put them on.The sole is thick and surprisingly supportive. I'm in frankly bad shape but I can stand for hours wearing these without pain.

A- nti-slip technology and it's definitely my feet's new BFF! The plastic or canvas straps between the toes allow avid flip-floppers to flip-flop into fun between comfort options.

R- eally sturdy and durable! Not some cheap rubber ones that will fall apart after one season. It will surely last for years, not unless you leave it within your dog's reach. :)

R- eally stylish! Reminiscent of the ultimate summer destination in Carribean, the Carribean Footwear is just walls of....(wait for it)..... fashionable flip flops!

I- t is Proudly Pinoy! Locally made in the Philippines, but the materials are imported and they have the same high quality materials used with the more expensive brands.

B- est beach buddy this summer! Dressed up, dressed down, to the beach, to the mall, to dinner, they are my summer staple.

E- nhances posture and foot alignment with its mid-foot curve; also provides ultimate protection, balance and stability.

A- ffordable! You can buy a pair for as low as P150 – P300. Not everyone will be willing or able to splurge a thousand pesos or more on a pair of rubber flip flops. And with Carribean, my friend, you never have to sacrifice comfort for style or style for comfort because it's extremely affordable.

N- ew designs are readily available in bright colors, floral patterns, edgy Aztec and Safari designs, or sophisticated, feminine lines, the flip flops come in styles to suit a hundred feet!

Carribean flip flops is a foot's Best Friend. . . Amen.

The strap at its finest!  Made for superior comfort.
Stylish prints and Carribean logo on foot bed!
Cushioned foot bed for all-day comfort.
The cool Carribean logo on the strap.
It's available in all SM Hypermarket, selected SM Department stores and other malls.  Also, you can purchase one online via Lazada. Click here to start your online shopping now.

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Pop into store today and pick up your summer starters... :)

Where are you guys headed this summer? Share your summer escapades in the comments below.


  1. We're heading to the beaches in Batangas, and I would love the Carribean Safari Summer Collection.

    Belinda B. IbaƱez

  2. Headed to Bicol. I'd like to try that Yassie design. Looks cool!

  3. Planning to go to Caramoan island! I like female safari 4! I just love anything colorful! It uplifts the mood!

  4. macky regina maranan

    i think i will be in puerto galera to see my mother in law and have summer bonding with my baby.i would like to try all of them the new urban safari summer collection by carribean footwear. all the design are so unique and perfect for this time of the year

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  6. Carribean Footwear looks sturdy.I would like to try Carribean Footwear's Stripes Revolution. We are heading to Batangas for a swim this summer. ^_^
    Thank you for this giveaway!
    Mikee Garcia

  7. Maria Christina Gumatay

    "Where are you headed this summer and what style of Carribean footwear would you like to try?"
    We're having our yearly summer family reunion this May at a private pool in Antipolo.. I would love to try their new Urban Safari collection. I like anything that is of dark shade so that the dirts won't be too obvious.

  8. Manette Aquino

    I am heading to the beaches in La Union and mountains of Sagada this summer with the Carribean Isha Slippers Collection!

  9. I'm planning on going to Palawan and the flip-flops from the Urban Safari collection of Carribean footwear would be the best adventure companion.

    Name: Marizza Domingo
    Email: modomingo@yahoo.com

    Thank you! :)

  10. I love the Female Safari 3 style of Carribean..love the patterns and the color combination! We just came from Caramoan and we love it so much we could be back soon...we're also thinking of going to Pagudpod, Ilocos!

    Carmen Watkins

    1. ooopsss correction email add is: carmen.watkins11@yahoo.com.ph

      thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  11. We will be heading to Antipolo and would like to try the Sheva Brown Strap.

    Joanne Christine Perez

  12. I like the sheva white strap!

    We're not yet sure where the family is going, probably batangas or tagaytay.

    Jennifer Bringas

  13. me and my family are going to amanah resort again,i like the safari collection

    sherry ann gole cruz

  14. Persis Micah Flores

    I really find Carribean's female safari 3 style adorable and eye catching! I'm really excited to wear them as I spend my summer in El Nido, Palawan. :)

  15. Me and my family planned to go to Aquatico beach resort at Laiya, San Juan Batangas!
    Hope to win a pair of Caribean Flipflops!! *fingers crossed!*
    Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay

    1. I want the Female Safari 3 style of Carribean :)

  16. We're heading to Misibis Bay, and I would like to wear a caribbean female safari (RY)

    Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

  17. Name: Joyce A. Gabriel
    Email: joyz.gabriel@hotmail.com

    This summer, my friends and I will be heading to Ilocos to explore the beauty of Vigan, Laog and Pagudpud. As we will be moving around the cities of Ilocos which having a comfortable and durable footwear is a must. With this, I would like to wear a pair of the Carribean Urban Safari summer collection, design is very cool and awesome.

  18. We are going to Batangas and excited to the Urban Safari collection of Carribean!!

  19. this summer we will go to the province of my father which is Cebu :)we will visot my grandparents because they are to old to go here in manila . :) I want to try the carribean female safari :)

    Erica M. Baylosis

  20. we are heading to Volets Resort in Cavite and we will have a good time, I want to try the one from Urban Safari collection by Carribean :) looks so comfy and durable

  21. We are headed somewhere in Batangas to have a deep of the clear cool water of the white sand beach and use my new flip flops from Carribean Safari Collection.

    Name: Arlene Magno -- arlene_zaynab08@yahoo.com

  22. We are headed this summer to Estaca Bay Resort! And the style of Carribean footwear I would like to try is the YASSIE PINK STRAP! <3

  23. No plans yet but it may be somewhere near. I want to try the stripes!

    Sella Goden

  24. were planning to go to boracay courtesy of my brother in law whos coming home this summer.I like the Urban Safari summer collection the stripe one.
    jeraldine tolentino

  25. We are heading to Zambales and Tagaytay this May.
    I like Urban Safari collection of Carribean.
    Say Yap

  26. We are headed to puerto galera and I like to wear safari collection of carribean

    Crystal Cruz

  27. Julieanne Francis U. Abayan

    We are planning to visit Splash Island. I choose Urban Safari collection of Carribean for my summer flip flops style.

  28. We're heading to Matabungkay beach in Batangas and i would love to have Carribean Sarah Flip Flops! :)

    Joselma Rom Gumapac

    1. i also like the new Safari-inspired women's collection, color brown ;)

  29. Name: Rizza E. Licayan
    Email: rizza_licayan@yahoo.com

    I'm heading to Puerto Galera for a solo weekend trip! :) I would like to try the safari-inspired women's collection. I love the colors, so in time for summer. Carribean Flip flops seem stylish and comfy :)

  30. Were going to Bohol, my bf homeland ;) and Caribbean flipflop will definitely fit in Bohol's white beaches.

  31. Were going to Bohol my bf's homeland for their reunion. And the Caribbean flipflop will definitely fits to Bohol's white beaches.;)

    LA Parungao

  32. We are headed to Baguio and I like to wear safari collection of carribean

    Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg


  33. We headed to San Juan Batangas this summer to have a family bonding with the kids..The Carribean flipflop is a must to wear..

    MariCel Fajardo

  34. name: Julie-Ann Sta. Ines
    email address: julie15ann22@gmail.com

    "Where are you headed this summer and what style of Carribean footwear would you like to try?"
    >> We headed to Cebu, i would like to try the Safari Collection of Carribean Footwear

  35. we headed to pangasinan this summer and I'd like to try Yassie design :)

  36. Greta feature about this product. I'll try it myself when I have time to buy.


Any comments, my dear?