The Magic Behind the Party Host and Magician, Wizzo

Like my daughter, Maia, I also love watching magic shows. Having bitten by the "magic bug", I even bought a book of magic and tried to learn a few magic tricks but failed miserably when it comes to the execution. Apparently, my daughter is not convinced. I think convincing her that I really made a small coin disappear is the closest I'll ever get to being a magician.

For the love of our daughter, we decided to get a host/magician for Maia's 5th birthday party last month. We got one of Shuttercount's recommended suppliers, Wizzo, to host Maia's party.

Sherwin Lim, who is best known as Wizzo, is a freelance party host/ magician and a multi-talented artist specializing in  children's parties and other family events. Taking to the stage for the first time just over 15 years ago, he has spent most of his life doing magic & illusions, entertaining people and has over a decade of experience hosting birthday parties and events.  And guess what? He still gets the same buzz taking to the stage now as he did many years ago.

At Maia's party, we got the package which includes magic show with illusions, fun games, party hosting, colorful balloon twisting, ventri puppet show and free use of sound system. He facilitated the following games; Daddies gone fishing, Hang the Flags, Drawing Funny Faces, Building a Tower Game and Cotton blowing.

I like the fact that Wizzo uses unique, engaging and interactive games for the kids and adults.  Not the usual parlor games that we see at birthday parties.  Also, he's very fluent in English and he managed to keep the party lively and fun for all the kids. Everyone participated in the games and the program was very organized. He provided the kids with coloring books with his name on it. Then, he chose the best 3 budding artists after the party.

 Adults playing fish heads and trying to shoot the hat on their heads. :)

Hang the flags game!

Mommies drawing their faces on the newest version of iPad. Haha This game will definitely bring out the artist in you. After all, Picasso himself said that everyone is an artist. The smiling faces and the funny sketches are beautiful works of art and I think, even Picasso couldn’t have painted a more picture-perfect faces for these pretty and art-loving moms!

Here are the future engineers building a tower. Great job, kids!

Superkids blowing the cotton balls off their noses.

A brilliant show filled with heart, humor, and magic.
What a spectacle!
The great thing about Wizzo is... he is professional, reliable, and more importantly, entertaining! The magic show with illusions is absolutely spectacular, complete with poppers, music, flashing laser beams, lights, smoke, confetti, the works.

I strongly agree with the other moms that he's really good with his craft. You'll clearly see the huge smiles and amazement on the kids' faces. Wizzo was a huge hit with the adults too! Our guests had a blast and they're really raving about Wizzo! 

There wasn’t a dull moment during the entire party.  His unique personality and ability to connect with anyone, kids and kids-at-heart alike, is just amazing. Even the grown-ups were in awe in his ability to keep the attention of all the kids in the party.

The ventri puppet show was incredibly funny as well. To sum it all, Wizzo exceeded our expectations and Maia enjoyed every minute of it. After the party, she told me that she forgot to say "Thank you" to Wizzo. :)

Indeed, the host can really make or break your party.  For moms, it's a lot of work to prepare a birthday party, so make it easy on yourself and find a good host to make sure your kid's birthday party will be a success. There are lots of good hosts and  magicians to choose from, the likes of Wizzo, Wanlu, Alex Lagula, Ruther, Flooch, Symond, and Lou Hilario. Well, they are just a few of my favorites! Tip is to book them 2 months in advance and it's better if you get a party planner to consult and work with them according to your budget.

One thing is for sure though... you can never go wrong with Wizzo. Having wow'd all kinds of crowd, he constantly gets his audiences gasping in amazement and laughing at his antics. A magical experience like no other is delivered birthday after birthday. Together with Wizzo's reliable team, you're guaranteed to have a  worry-free celebration.  In his performances, there are no secrets, no magic words. Just hard work. Dedicated service. And heart.

He blends magic and illusions into a great show and performance, which dazzle one's mind and touch the heart. The real magic, however, is the magician himself, Wizzo.

What matters is not the length of the wand, but the magic in the box. 

So here's a HUGE Thank you to Wizzo for making Maia's party super and a memorable one! :)

Check out Wizzo's website HERE or visit his Facebook fan page here.

Before I go to sleep, I hope you guys keep this bit of magic in your heart:  The world is full of magic. You just have to believe in it.  Because when you put your heart  into something you believe in, magic happens.  :)

Good night! :)