A Sweet and Fun-Filled Party with Trolli

Life isn't just a box of chocolates. It's also a stash of gummi candies, gummi bears and gummi worms. :)

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of candies at all, but whenever I find this Trolli gummi candies in the supermarket, I  always buy them. ALWAYS.

 As we all know, Trolli  is the world’s foremost brand of chewy delights such as marshmallows, licorice gums and the ever popular gummy bears.  Trolli's super chewy sweets have been around forever so you know that what you’re getting has won the sweet tooth of many from the world over.

Everybody loves gummy candies, especially the kids. Trolli has showered us with so much love and these yummy sweets were one of the giveaways at Maia's 5th birthday party last month. The kids (and kids at heart) just loved them to bits!

When we started packing goodie bags for the kids, I can't help but scarf down the candies and take a bite of the mini hotdogs and mini burgers. Well, who said candies are only for kids?  LOL

 Can you see their happy faces? :) I'm just overly happy to see happy smiles to these kids' faces.

That being said, happiness is... a truckload of Trolli gummi worms and candies! Trolli has made my daughter's 5th birthday parties super special! All the kids and kids at heart love them! They’re yummy and really fun to chew on. You may think these rubbery gummies won’t hug you back like a bear, but they actually contain lots of carbohydrates that your kids  need for energy and protein which maintains muscle mass.

When you gobble up some sour strips, a variation of the gummy candy made famous by Trolli, you instantly get a dose of Vitamin C.

And here are two fun size facts that might raise other mom's eyebrows and leave children with big smiles:
  • We often think that candies contribute to weight gain and other sugar-related diseases but a new research study shows how candies and sweets are not causing weight gain. This is because of the effects of high levels  of sugar in our body that makes the access to sweet treats limited and controlled. :)
  • Did you know that the #1 cavity-causing food in the world and apparently the worst food for your kid's teeth is... not candy? It's actually saltine crackers. Crackers are everywhere and are even given to toddlers as healthy snacks. You may not know it but it wreaks havoc on your kid's teeth because it's highly processed, increasing the glycemic index and making the  food more cariogenic(cavity-causing).
So that gives you more reason to eat an awful lot of Trolli candies, but not too much please. Sweets are supposed to be special treats so learn to share and eat them in moderation.

The Trolli mini burger has been one of my favorites for the past few years. It has the perfect mix of sweet and sour, variety of flavor  plus it has an extremely addictive nature, and without a doubt earn a spot at the very top of my candyland's list as pinnacle of perfection. I bet you didn’t know gummy candies were this good and healthy so why don't you  grab one and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Indulge the kid in you with Trolli sweets and share the happiness. :) Hand out Trolli candies that will make everyone hyper happy. :)

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