Oscar by Hurom

Good health need not be expensive. A proper diet, a regular fitness regimen and a healthy lifestyle are all you need.

However, the demands of a hectic way of life force us to take shortcuts when it comes to our well-being. Rather than eating something nutritious three times a day, we end up loading on fast-food meals, which are high on fat and carbohydrates. Since we are tied to our office desks during the workweek, we rarely have time to work out or, at the minimum, keep our bodies limber with exercise. Our working environment is bombarded daily by toxins brought about pollution. Is it a surprise that many of us suffer from coughs, cold and an occasional stomach upset every now and then?

Health advocates propose a regular regimen of detoxification, which would rid the body of toxins accumulated on a daily basis. The easiest way to detoxify is juicing, a new wellness regimen that puts you on a diet of fruit and vegetable juices for a day or two during the week.

Wellness expert Edwin A. Bien explains that juice therapy requires the right equipment so that the nutrients in fruits and vegetables are kept to a maximum. He suggests a slow juicer rather than a conventional one.

“Slow juices are better than fast food,” says Dr. Bien. “Like a snack, you take them between meals or once every four hours. The ‘spark of life,’ or enzyme production, triggers the beginning of digestion as it enters the body through our mouths.”

Those on a budget might find the cost of a slow juicer rather steep. However, the benefits of juicing on one’s health outweigh the expense of the equipment.

Of slow juicers in the market, the Oscar by Hurom DA-1000 is the best bet for many homemakers. Manufactured by the same company that makes the popular Hurom Slow Juicer, the Oscar by Hurom DA-1000 is a versatile gadget that not only juices but also minces ingredients, turns most nuts into butter, and processes dough into noodles.

The Oscar by Hurom DA-1000 has a newly patented three-step auger crushing system to cold-presses your ingredients. This mechanism gently crushes and squeezes fruits and vegetables to preserve the natural flavor and maintain its nutritional value of juices. Because of this process, the extracted liquid retains its nutritional value for 48 hours, something conventional juicers are not capable of.

Its efficient operation also means that there is little wastage in the process. The squeezing action removes as much juice from ingredients leaving you with dry pulp. This means a bigger savings for you.

The Oscar by Hurom DA-1000 comes with a variety of juicing screens to vary the machine’s output. The juicing screen makes you fresh-tasting juices. With a change to the food-processing screen, you can turn almost any nut, from peanuts to cashews and almonds, into butter. You can also make pasta and a variety of noodles through the extruder attachment. For baby food, the equipment has an attachment that purees ingredients.

And unlike most blenders and juicers, the Oscar by Hurom DA-1000 has a quiet operation that keeps noise to a minimum. It is very easy to clean and assemble, making its daily maintenance an easy one.

The Oscar by Hurom DA-1000 comes with a five-year warranty on its motor and a one-year warranty on parts, assuring you of the quality of this gadget.

Hurom is a 39-year old company based in Busan, South Korea. Since 1974, it has only manufactured juicers for wellness and never diversified into any other product. Its dedication to the well-being of people around the world has remained steadfast and unwavering.



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