Healthy Options Launches Organika: Don't Panic, It's Organic

Looking for healthy options to start 2013 off right? Or are you looking for the freshest locally grown farm produce, veggies, pork, eggs, and chicken? Oh, and lechon? 

Now, you can eat lechon like there's no tomorrow! Don't panic, it's organic! :) Read: Organic lechon. A healthier, meatier, and yummier variant of the regular lechon.

If you ask me, I believe eating organic food is the best way to improve your health over the long run.  Also, fresh produce is the best way to obtain daily nutrients, but the pesticides used on many crops remain a major health concern. By choosing and eating organic food, you can reap the health benefits of eating meat, fruits, and vegetables without exposing yourself to potentially harmful chemicals. Believe me, your  body is grateful when you feed it with healthy, unprocessed, unbleached, unrefined, organic, fresh, natural, and good food grown the good way!

So where can you buy these organic products?

Wherelse but at Healthy Options! The only store where it's best to buy fresh organic produce. Grateful my favorite wheatgrass powder is sold in Healthy Options. But now, I got another reason to be grateful for because they already have a whole new section in their stores! Premium local produce such as veggies and farm meats are now available in their major outlets. 

Glad I was invited to the launch of their new product line of locally-grown farm produce and meats, aptly called Organika. Held at Edsa Shangri-la's E Bar and hosted by my fave VJ and one of Manila's "IT" girls, Amanda Griffin, Healthy Options is committed to giving their customers healthier choices for a better life.

The event dubbed "Celebrating Life on the Farm", simulated how local farmers from Costales Farm plant and harvest their fresh produce by hand. They are the first and only partner farmers of Healthy Options Organic Local Farm. The place, the host, as well as the guests dressed in plaid, jeans and cowboy boots, were all dressed up too! 

The highlight of the event was a cutting edge fashion show by gorgeous models including the hunk Bra-panese model and actor, Daniel Matsunaga. With gorgeous models carrying baskets of organically-grown eggs as well as fresh fruits and veggies, you can just imagine the beauty of life on the farm. Healthy, humane, sustainable farming.

“By launching these products from our very own farm, we renew our commitment to giving our customers better choices for a better life. It is also a show of support to small organic farmers, and to healthy, humane, and sustainable farming.” says Healthy Options managing director Romy Sia.

As for me, organic simply tastes better. Why? Simply because it's healthy!

Also, Healthy Options has these 3 H's for ya! 3 Reasons why you should go organic:

Healthy for you! No pesticides, chemicals, GMOs, and synthetic hormones.
Healthy for the animals! Grass-fed animals live in 5 star condition,  and not crammed in tight, unsanitary spaces.
Healthy for the planet! It promotes healthy soil and ecosystem.

So why don't you buy healthy food instead of junk and try organic food? Or as our grandparents called it "food (good food)".  I'm pretty sure that every cell of your body is begging for it. Therefore, eat healthy and go organic.

Aside from offering superior meat and vegetable produce, Healthy Options is also proud to advocate farming that does not produce excessive waste or pollution, and results in a healthier ecosystem.

Try some local organic vegetables and farm fresh meats being sold the in Healthy Options. Visit their website for more deets. 



  1. i like this topic rockstarmomma..very timely..

  2. Thanks, Michelle! :) Really appreciate it.

  3. eating organic is really the way to go..i just hope it will be more affordable in the future :)

  4. Hope I can visit this store soon..Eating healthy!Living healthy!

  5. You can really enjoy organic foods. yum yum!

  6. i like this blog.. we need organic foods puro chemicals na ngayon eh


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