Saturday, February 11, 2012

Unarosa's 10 Looks for the Perfect Valentine's Date

Hey lovelies, find just the right ensemble for that one special day at Unarosa!

Whether you have a romantic dinner with your beau, a hot night out with your girlfriends, or aquiet get-together with your family penciled in on your calendar, there is only one thing that every woman needs on this one special day in February—a Valentine’s Day outfit that is fit for any of your plans. From playful pairings to elegant ensembles, Unarosa has put together 10 of the bestlooks to keep you looking poised and polished throughout any date.

Dress up a chic jumpsuit with a bright, floppy hat for an effortlessly striking look, while pairing bright-colored shorts with a myriad of tops—from cut-out button-downs, sheer bat wing blouses, to oversized knit sweaters—will be best for a more laid-back date. 

A vintage-inspired frock or a polka dot ’60s number is perfect for a dinner at a kitschy restaurant,while a red-hot dress will surely turn heads at the hottest clubs in Manila.

Whatever is on the menu, trust that Unarosa will make it easier for you to make the night even more special with these chic looks.

Unarosa is located at5/L Shangri-La Plaza, 4/L The Block, SM North Edsa, 2/L Annex II, SM Fairview,2/L Bldg. A, SM Megamall, G/F Shoppesville, Greenhills, and L1 Marquee Mall,Pampanga.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Angel's Pizza and Pasta Combo's Heart-Shaped Pizza: Come and Eat Your Heart Out this Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is just around the corner. I'm sure you guys are thinking what is the perfect gift for this season of love for that special person in your life. It could be flowers, chocolates, ring or whatever. But it's all too common and very booooredinary. Forget the usual gifts like roses, chocolates and do away with the uber expensive jewelries. You can give her your everything, a kiss, a hug, even your heart.

If all else fails, give her pizza. A heart-shaped pizza that is!

Boy: Pizza ka ba?
Girl: Why??
Boy: Kasi crust kita. :)

Pizza. Bow. Haha.

You know, that square box. Triangle and square slices. Heart-shaped pizza. So many shapes. Confused? :) But Imma bet this heart-shaped pizza can surely make your loved one smile. Sharing an extra special meal is an important part of Happy Heart's Day. So why don't you come and eat your heart out. :)

Angel's Pizza and Pasta is bringing its heart-shaped pizza just in time for Valentine's Day. Perfect timing to eat what his/her heart truly desires... pizza. An ideal gift because it's affordable, yummy, and something that your loved one would truly love to receive especially if he/she is into pizza. Besides, it's way cheaper than making a reservation to an already-booked or jampacked swanky resto. #alamoyan.

When I got these boxes of heart shaped pizza from Angel's Pizza and Pasta for some quick food review, I couldn't help but smile. :) 'Cause it's sooo freakin' cheesy. :)

The heart-shaped pizza which is big enough for two comes with your choice of flavor of pizza and is packaged in the usual Angel's Pizza white box. It's also perfect for families who wants to celebrate Valentine's Day together.

Angel's Extra Feast

Angel's Pepperoni (Pepperoni Overload)

Cheesy Melt ( Two layers of heart shaped thin crust. filled with pepperonis and cheese)

I'm sure we all had that serious pizza disdain before. Flaccid slices, too sweet spiceless sauce, bland crust, yaddy, yaddy, yada... But that is not the case with Angel's Pizza. Even though their prices are quite reasonable, they serve up some very decent pizza using high-quality ingredients.

What I love most about their pizza is that they don’t skimp on more expensive offerings.

Take this heart-shaped, Extra Feast pizza... with lovely, moist slices of mozzarella cheese, onion, greenbell pepper, mushroom and thick cuts of meaty pepperoni, ham, beef, chorizo. It ain't called EXTRA feast for nothin' dude!

It’s certainly fresh and tasty with its perfectly toasted bread.

But I love the Fancy Aloha more...

Fancy Aloha was a delicious mix of bacon, ham, pineapple, mushroom, green pepper, mozarella cheese with gravy sauce all rolled up on a crispy crust. Yummo!

It was definitely enough to share with someone you love the most. Somehow those pineapples and mozarella cheese almost scream and moan romance. Now here's a strong dose of food porn to spice up your Vday eh? ;p

I haven't tried going to one of their branches yet but I saw one of their branches in Makati and it looked pretty cool and laid back from the outside.

We also ordered the Buy 1 Take 1 Chicken Aloha for my daughter's 4th birthday  last Monday.

Just 'cause my little girl loves it to bits! If this pizza would be a girl, it'd be Miss Universe! #award

And it's definitely enough for me to call back for a slice. Even a slice. It's the little things, really.

Go get a taste of heaven at your doorstep! 'Cause this heart-shaped pizza might be the key to your sweetie's heart. Win her heart with this heart shaped pizza and who knows? You might end up looking for photo-video service for your pre-nup. That said, I suggest you try Shutter Count. :) Oh and we're cooking something BIG for the month of March! Hint: Something NEW and a promo you shouldn't miss!;p

Call 922-22-22 and have it delivered right at your honey's doorstep to surprise her. :)

Have a great and cheesy Heart's Day everyone! :)

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

HYD Designers Launch Their Second Collection for Fashion Face Off 2011

Hot Young Designers Marketing Company (HYD) designers launch their second collection for Fashion Face Off 2011. The first collection made by the designers for HYD was launched last October 2011. They were quite a hit at the Global Pinoy Bazaar, St. James Bazaar and at the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar.

This January 25, the designers are launching their second collection. This quarter’s collection caters to young professionals, who value work life balance. They desire to have an ensembles that they can wear from day to night.

Klart’s Collection
Inspired by the New York City lights, the line showcases Spring 2012’strend on glitz and glamour with flashy pieces that consists primarily of all party dresses bedecked with glitter, sequins, and metallics. The silhouettes include fit-and-flare sleeveless mini-dresses, slim-fitting party dresses with open slit sleeves, and sleeveless dresses with a v-shaped neckline and cascading ruffles. All dresses were built around contrast materials such as crepe, and chiffon, creating a sheer feminine texture throughout thecollection. Party the night away with Klart Lim's "Hello, Sexy!"Collection!

Bailey’s Collection
Bailey’s second collection is inspired by the fashionable people who chill on the different beaches. La Playa de Moda, or “The Beach of Fashion” has different fabulous swimwear and cover-ups, as well as dresses one can wear while lounging at the different resorts. These dresses can be worn too outside of the beach while chilling with your friends. One would definitely be a glamorous and fabulous fashionista when wearing any of these pieces from Bailey’s La Playa de Moda collection.

Renan’s Collection
My collection is called Mama Carine. Irreverently chic! I drew my inspiration for this collection from Carine Roitfeld, former editor-in-chief of French Vogue.That tousled hair and dark smoky-eyes, she is one of the most powerful women inthe whole of “fashiondom”. She evokes power and authority. She’s unapologetically subversive with her usually sex-induced ideas. Influential,dominant and highly-significant for most designers, eternal muse of Tom Ford,and for my second collection for Hot Young Designers, she is my woman- clad inmy fetish-inspired multi-buckled corset belts; zip-up miniskirts; body-hugging stretch dresses…this collection is power dressing with lots of female charm.

Marc’s Collection
For my 2nd Collection, I was inspired by my friends from the Fashion Institute if the Philippines. Since I knew that New Year was coming, I thought of using colors and prints for mycollection. I was never really a “color” fanatic. I was inspired by Mikee Andrei and Paris Bagasao's use of color, and I was inspired by the movie "Fatal Attraction", a 1987 American Thriller starring Glenn Close. I was so inspired by her character that I made my own story. Pink and Violet arethe main colors in my collection - colors that I never imagined using.

Jackie’s Collection
“The Unusual Marauder" by Jackie Maronilla Abueg puts emphasis on minimalist feministic ideals. Her design philosophy of simple and effortless brings out a subdued glow to those caught with any ensemble. By playing with materials that would usually suit trousers, Jackie's collection this quarter decides to go unconventional and transform them into practical, effortless and chic apparel. Jackie believes that her designs should bring out the essence ofa woman, this second collection "The Unusual Marauder" focuses on defying the typical image of what a woman should be and how a woman should dress. It's about time that these unusual marauders are set on the loose!

The second quarter shoot was fun and amazing as it was a collaborative effort different brands. We would like to thank Bugsy’s,The Grove by Rockwell and The Bulb Studios for providing the venue. We would like to thank HD Make Up Studioand Academy for providing the hair and make up for some of our shoots. Wewould also like to thank Evita Peroni Philippines and Officine for providing accessories and shoes for the shoot.

We have a surprise for our buyers! To start the New Year right, we will be raffling off 5 HYD pieces from the 5 designers for all those who have purchased from January 25 to February 25.

Check out these new collections that keep getting grander! Visit and create your account. Enjoy shopping and submit to us a photo of yourself in your new HYD attire! You might win a gift pack from Pond’s Philippines.

The designers will also be present to sell their collections at the FridayFashion Fever on February 3, 2012 (Friday). This exclusive bazaar will be atStudio SnR, 3rd Floor Millenium Plaza Building, Meralco Avenue(building of Office Warehouse and Brothers Burger).

Check out HYD's Facebook fan page!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Worldless Wednesday: She's 4 :)

I hardly can believe my baby girl turned 4! It seems like just yesterday that she was born... *speechless*

Time flies... Where does the time go? *wordless*

She's 4. 4ever mine. My baby girl 4ver. :)

A Healthy Night with Soyami

Do you remember the days when you could buy a full bag of chips? Now it's just a bag of air.... with a higher price. Possibly the biggest letdown ever. Remember, my friend, you should never trust a bag of chips that says 50% more because it is usually full of 50% more air and 50% more MSG. You know, that awkward moment when you buy a bag of air and there's chips inside. The company is so nice enough to put in some chips eh? Those chips are rip-offs! Seriously. Ok, the rants stop here.

Think you know what qualifies as a healthy yet yummy and super affordable snack? Oh well, all I can think of is Soyami.

I'm lucky enough to discover a lighter, healthier yet still totally delicious snack that completely changes my view about chips. For once, I have a full bag of crisps, not half a bag of chips and half a bag of air. Not to mention it's healthier and guilt-free!

So I was hyper happy when I got invited to a blogger’s event, A Healthy Night with Soyami, at Tourne, Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City last month. It was hosted by the dashing and very handsome model and TV host, Marc Nelson, who is also one of the endorsers of Soyami Soya Chips. Apple Morales, the beauty and brain behind this genius and newest healthy snack discovery, who is also the President and Owner of AM Global Works Marketing Corp., graced the event.

It was indeed a healthy night with crowd-pleasing and discreetly healthy meals with Soyami chips served by Tourne Executive Chef, Sandralyn Hataway.

There were small yet interesting talks about health and wellness from different sponsors. The sponsors of the event also had a quick introduction of their products. We got lucky enough to take home some products from the sponsors too.

I got myself an age-defying kikay kit from Q Life: FaceOne which includes a toner, facial cleanser, a lotion, and some moisturizing creams. I'm still using it though and so far, so good. I can't see any kyoot pimple on my face. (But man, I'm getting pimples on weird places recently.) :) We also enjoyed some healthy, refreshing drinks and smoothies from Fruit Magic. We took home some healthy drinks like Lightwater and Vit Boost from Sun Coast. I also loved the earth-friendly pen, as well as the highlighter, pencil, and blue gel pen I got from Tree Hugger! I am actually using the pen whenever I use the Starbucks journal I got from my very suweeet bruh. :)

There were also some raffle prizes from Rudy Project, Fitness First and Haribon Foundation. Needless to say, I highly support their mission of creating a healthy living environment. Read: Think Pink. Live green.

Big ups to the sponsors and of course, to Soyami for a successful blogger's event. Thanks heaps to Miss Apple Morales and Richard Paglicawan a.k.a. Mangyan Blogger for the invite. Some pics were taken from Soyami's fan page. :)

Of course the best part was taking home a huge lootbag of Soyami Soya Chips and some goodies as my "ubong" for my lovely daughter.

We love munching on their Soya Bread Styx, soya oatmeal cookies, and soya puto seko. Actually, we love 'em all! Soyami is indeed so yummy, so healthy. My baby girl loves it to bits!

Now lemme share some of my Rockstarmomma F.A.T. (Fact.Advice.Tip.)

FACT: Four sticks of Soyami bread styx= 1 gram of fat. Not bad huh?

ADVICE: Go ahead and give some Soyami Soya Chips to your loved ones. Enjoy. Remember, takers eat better, but givers sleep well. :)

TIP: Packing these healthy snacks in your bag will help to avoid impulse (and high calorie) foods. Whether you are going out or heading for work, make sure you're stocked with these healthy eats all day. Keep 'em at your desk to battle temptation when those evil co-workers leave landmines of candy,chocolates and donuts. Lastly, make sure to send your kids to school with healthy snacks like Soyami Soya chips!

Check out and like their fan page because they'll be having an awesome contest soon!

Happy snacking guys!