Holiday Shopping on a Budget at Tutuban Night Market

The Mayans predicted the end of the world today which means chaos, people running for their lives, the madness.. no wait, that's holiday shopping on a budget! ;p

With Christmas around the corner, I'm pretty sure everyone's scrambling to get their crapload of shopping done. Not to mention a severe case of holiday overspending.  So how are you doing with your holiday shopping checklist? All done or nowhere close? If you're nowhere close to reality, then swing by and check out the Tutuban Night Market at Tutuban Center.

Every December, I never, I repeat, I never fail to visit Tutuban Center. It is one of the best shopping places where you can buy any kinds of stuff for the cheapest price. It's somewhat of a tradition during Christmas time where I always buy giveaways and gifts for friends and my beloved godchildren (and yes, I have a lot!)

Believe it or not, you can share the joy and be merry even when you’re on a budget.  Gone are the days when we live to cash out freely on Christmas gifts. But the hunt for great holiday presents live on and choosing items that won’t put a hole in your pocket is the smartest, merriest way to go.

If you're still on last minute shopping for your special someone, check it out and you'll surely find a sea of bargain and numerous suggestions that range from holiday party outfits to unique Christmas gift suggestions.

The prices here are unbelievably low and they can go lower if you buy in bulk or if you haggle some more. Cheap finds can be even cheaper if you know the art of Haggling 101 because haggling, my friend, makes shopping for Christmas way more interesting and a wee bit challenging. Yay! 

For Him, For Her & For Baby. Clothes, toys, cosmetics and accessories starting from Php100.00 and up.
Gowns & dresses galore starting Php250.00 to Php1,500.00. 

Take your pick on home accents, kitchenware, colorful accessories, gadgets, clothes and adorable knick knacks that will definitely lighten up your holiday spree. 
Home sweet home with curtains ranging from Php250.00 and up per panel and pillows from Php50.00 and up.
And when you get hungry, you can dine at the newly renovated Tutuban Center’s Food Street where you can find a wide variety of fresh grilled meat and seafood that are cooked to perfection. Yum!

Grilled meat and seafood starts at Php50.00 up to PhpPhp500.00 for group meals.  

Anywho, I got good news for you guys! The world didn't end today so you better finish up your holiday shopping and spring up a step to Tutuban Center and its festive Night Market where holiday on a budget means shopping galore! :)

Happy holiday shopping!