Get Ready For Limbo This Halloween

Everyone loves a Halloween party. Don't they? I can't imagine anyone taking the slightest offense of forgetting about Halloween. And now comes more Halloween planning. Where to go? Who to be? Where to buy costume? (and a lot more.. )

It's almost that time of year where we get to go Halloween costume shopping. So who's shopping for Halloween costumes already? Errr.. not me! 'Cause I already have something ready for me and my tot!

Halloween is  one of the best holidays because you get to pretend to be something you aren't. This year, my daughter is going as Red Riding Hood for the kids' Halloween party. As for me, I 've officially decided that I'm going to be a blood thirsty vampiress. This is so me because I have been feeling nocturnal recently. Actually, I already have a costume which I got last year but wasn't able to use for our company's Halloween party. Good thing I can finally use it this year. It's a long stretch crushed velour dress with matching accessories such as slip on red nails and vampire teeth. Yay, my Halloween costume is nearly complete.

I'm so ready for Halloween this year, but where to go?

Answer? THIS.

What:  LIMBO
When:  October 26, 2012
Where: NBC Tent

Experience the Tent of Horrors from 5:00pm - 10:00pm and party the night away from 11:00pm - 4:00am. The event will be hosted by Boys Night Out and music by DJ NixDamnP and DJ A.M.BER.

Tent of Horrors: P250
Party: P750
Passport (Tent of Horrors and Party): P900
*Tie-up orgs get discounts on tickets!

*For ticket reservations and inquiries, contact (0917) 867-4533

Experience an unforgettable night of horror and partying! And get a chance to win big prizes for you and your barkada! Don't forget to wait for the sun to rise to get a ticket for this heart-stopping and mind-blowing Limbo experience. Because this is one party you will not want to miss.

So who's ready for this? :)

See you there!


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  1. awww I'm guessing this is in Manila? Too bad I live in baguio... :(

    (following you now via GFC ^^)


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