Sharp's Vision: A Promising Future for Generations to Come

I'm sure we, people, have a dream, a vision and hopes for the future generation. Sharp Philippines Corporation (SPC) also has the same dream and embarks recently on a socially relevant campaign with its ASEAN flagship program “MY SHARP, OUR FUTURE”.

“MY SHARP, OUR FUTURE” is a major initiative of SPC to promote corporate social responsibility while helping the impoverished sector of society particularly homeless children, kids with severe illnesses and calamity victims.

SPC President Takahiro Tanaka urged,” We need to take care of our young generation to ensure their brighter future especially those who are incapable to have a decent living.  Each of us can do something to build a promising future for them”.

To mark the global celebration of SHARP’s 100th Anniversary, Sharp Philippines Corporation commits to donate Php 20.00 for every purchase of plasma cluster ion products and LCD/LED TV during the campaign period from June 7 until September 15, 2012.

Donation of proceeds shall be awarded to a chosen beneficiary, which will be revealed during the 100th Anniversary of SHARP-WORLD and 30th Anniversary of Sharp Philippines on September 14, 2012 at the Manila Hotel.

To realize this vision, SHARP continues to strengthen its store visibility and dealers partnership to make SHARP products and services closer and readily available to consumers nationwide.

SPC Executive Vice President Kazuo Kito noted,” As SHARP Philippines Corporations continues to develop high-standard consumer electronic products, we also strengthen our partnership with appliance stores nationwide aside from our growing sales and service centers.  This is to ensure that SHARP products and services are accessible to every Filipino consumer”.

SHARP Philippines Corporation has been active in delivering relentless community service by donating quality home appliances to charitable institutions.  Two of the most recent beneficiaries were Elsie Gaches and Tuloy Foundation, which received Sharp refrigerator, washing machine and TV unit.

For a safer and more livable shelter for Elsie Gaches children, SHARP Philippines Corporation (SPC) has donated quality home appliances as part of its global commitment to promote corporate social responsibility through “My Sharp, Our Future”. (From right (R) to left (L), Happy Elsie Gaches children received Sharp refrigerator, washing machine and TV unit together with Sharp Philippines Corporation representatives namely B2B Manager Peter Villanueva and Assistant Marketing Manager Amor Golifardo.
Through donation of quality home appliances, SHARP Philippines Corporation, a major player in the consumer electronics industry for 30 years now, affirms to build safer and more livable shelter for children under the care of government and non-government centers.

For a brighter future of young generation, SHARP Philippines Corporation (SPC) is encouraging all Filipinos to partake in its serious commitment to improve the lives of socially disadvantaged children because for every SHARP product could mean a SHARPer future to them.



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