Luminous Glutathione Patch: Game Changer for a Whiter and Younger You

Last Thursday night, I attended the media launch of the newest revolutionary anti-aging and whitening system in the country.  Held at the very posh restaurant in Bonifacio Global City, Rastro,  it was a night of fine wine and dining that got even more interesting as the managing partners unveiled the new Luminous patch.  It's a transdermal patch technology that continuosuly delivers 250mg of Glutathione and 250mg of Vitamin C to your body with an absorption rate of 95% into the bloodstream.

I know most women want to have a perfect, whiter and younger-looking skin. It is something that almost everyone, no matter the gender, wants to have and yep, that includes me. Well, I'm far from perfect. I could have a flatter tummy, whiter teeth, better hair, etc.. But at least, with the help of the Luminous Patch, I know I don't have a dull, wrinkled skin or an ugly heart. I believe a person with a beautiful heart and a glowing skin makes him/her stunning. Agree?  :)
Luminous whitening patch, your secret to a glowing and younger you!
Luminous Patch is one of the finest and anti-aging product manufactured in the US, which is exclusively distributed by Blue Dynamics Inc. (an iVentures, Inc. company). It gives results that were only available through painful injection therapy before. So why have those painful, ouchie & risky glutathione injections when you can easily get the same results with the Luminous Patch. Now, that's a real game changer!

Apparently, there are many Glutathione supplements on the market, but clinical research shows that common Glutathione pills, powders and drinks can only elevate blood Glutathione levels by little more than 10% in 30 days. So is it worth the risk??

Luminous Patch is considerably more poweful and faster acting than any other methods of whitening and anti-aging system today. In as short as 24 hours after wearing your first patch, you can experience significantly elevated levels of Glutathione without the high cost and pain associated with Glutathione injection, leaving no marks or unwanted bruises. 

Just look at some of the other methods and absorption rate below, and you be the judge.

Glutathione Cream 10%
Glutathione Soap 8%
Glutathione Pills 5%
Glutathione Injections 100%
Luminous Patch 95%
Oh and Luminous Patch is not just for whitening, my dear. You might think glutathione is for just the sole purpose of whitening your skin but no, it is so powerful that it is able to naturally detoxify your body and strengthen your immune system as well. It  is our body's master anti-oxidant which is so important in reducing free radicals that cause our cells to age. It has anti-aging properties that can turn back the effects of time. Still, proper skin care regimen like using sunscreen is imperative while using this product to achieve the best results.

The patches work best when placed on the "effective areas" of the body such as the wrists, arms, tummy and inner thigh, inner knee, inner elbow or hip region. This product is completely safe with no known side effects. One patch whitens for up to 12 hours and this transdermal patch technology is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Here are some of the event highlights. Photo credits: Ms. Emmy B. Villegas, Business Development Executive of  iVentures Group of Companies.

Kapuso star, Ms. Chynna Ortaleza, graced the event and had tremendous fun chatting with the managing partners.
Open Sesame! The box of Luminous Patch revealed.
Ms. Kris Nuqui, the endorser of Luminous Patch with the Managing Partners

 Luminous Patch endorsers/ models with iManila's Designer/HR Officer/Mktg Consultant, Joy Caasi and Ms. Emmy B. Villegas, Business Development Executive of iVentures Group of Companies

The gorgeous endorsers of Luminous Patch

While whitening treatments like IV glutathione injections cost Php 3000 and above per session, a box consists of  15 Luminous whitening patches costs Php 6,850 which can last for a month, with visible results after 2 or 3 weeks depending on your skin. I'm not sure how many sessions of Glutathione injection a person needs in order to get the desirable results, but I think this one's cheaper (do the math sister) and hey, it's pain-free! If you ask me, putting on a patch is way easier than downing ginormous Glutathione capsules which you can buy over the counter and takes months (or takes forever) to see the results.
Too busy talking and firing up some questions to one of the managing partners. :)
Can you spot me in this photo?
Indeed, this is an exciting advancement and an industry changing breakthrough in anti-aging and whitening. By simply  applying the patented Luminous Patch, you can have a noticeably whiter, brighter and younger looking skin whether you're at work or enjoying your rest day at home. How cool is that? :)

In the meantime, my first few days of using the Luminous patch is great and I will definitely give an update after a week or two.

Do visit their website HERE for more deets and don't forget to like them on Facebook. Hope you get to try it too (like I do) and be amazed. :)


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