Better than Blinds, IQue Window Film Makes Your Home Look Bright and Beautiful

That moment when you're on the verge of completing your modern dream house and everything is all laid down, foundation, overall structure and all. But one itsy bitsy thing seems to bother you. Is it because of your dusty, old curtains, that custom draperies or the window blinds?

You look at your dream house and sadly, it looks a little stale and unimpressive, dark even. Then suddenly, you realized it would be nice to have a glass house... Well, not really... but a very bright, modern house that is looking bright inside yet totally protected from the harsh rays of the sun, making your dream house look bright and amazing.. inside and out. While you're at it, you can also help save the environment by using lesser electricity. Not to mention you're not going to have a mini heart attack when you get your electric bill! How awesome is that? :)

That being said, your best bet is not the blinds or the expensive customized draperies, my dear. Instead, you might want to try solving this concern by using film. Well, not just any film but one that has IQ or better yet, try IQue window films. Even a homeowner with the most discriminating taste can find this really useful with its many positive features, and not the least attractive of these is the ability to save energy and money.
IQue’s window film products help you block the sun’s harmful rays and
get more natural light and save electricity and help protect the
environment in the process.
With its next-generation glass film products under the GII (or G2) film product range, IQue window films of V-KOOL International Pte. Ltd. has already taken the architectural market by storm. It has become the preferred window film brand by architects, product managers and homeowners who all share the same vision of making homes of the future look even brighter inside yet impressive in the eyes of passersby. More importantly, inhabitants are protected from harmful UV and infrared rays of the sun.

You might be wondering how is protection from the sun’s rays possible?!

In many other ways, IQue films’ window film products, most especially the IQue 53GII, use an industry-first 10 multi-layer “sputtered metals” protection. “Sputtering” is a process of putting several layers of metallic coatings to provide thickness that is thinner than a single strand of hair, using several types of precious metals, including silver. It means more protection, with up to 96% of infrared rays, which is a form of solar energy responsible for all the heat we feel and makes areas become hot, essentially blocked.

IQue’s 53GII window films also provide protection from ultra-violet, or UV, rays. UV rays are needed by our ecosystem but can wreak havoc on our eyes, hair and more importantly, our skin in the form of sunburn or worse, skin cancer. By rejecting up to 99% of UV rays coming inside our homes, the IQue 53GII solves the problem of avoiding these potentially dangerous rays.
Get protected from harmful UV and infrared rays of the sun.
In terms of house or any establishment’s aesthetics, owners need not worry, for IQue films have a low visible light reflection of only 7%. This low light reflection only means one thing: it is as if you are looking at natural glass. And more importantly, IQue’s GII line of window films also allows for up to 58% of visible light to pass through. This only means you have more natural light so there’s no need for artificial light coming from light bulbs and therefore, less consumption of electricity.

Additionally, there's a myriad of other products under the GII line of IQue’s sophisticated products aside from the 53GII,  like the “Spectrally Selective” range, the “Performance” range, and the “Essential” range.

It also provides a wonderful measure of safety and security. IQue has a separate product line under “Safety and Security.” These window films are designed and thoroughly tested to withstand strong and forceful impacts like bomb blasts and even missile penetration. This capability helps reduce risks of injury caused by flying glass shards, especially those caused by accidents.

“We are proud to say that we have window film products that cater to homeowners’ desire to make their home stand out yet remain expressively simple. These fully functional and beneficial window films are what modern homes need today to make them bright, safe yet aesthetically appealing and environment-friendly,” says Roxanne Lee, Vice President of Global Frontiers, Inc., the exclusive distributor of IQue window films in the Philippines.

Bottom-line is, by using IQue’s window film products, you block the sun’s harmful rays and get more natural light and save electricity and help protect the environment in the process. For you to get your dream house, you have to find an economical way to upgrade your room or even the entire house with the use of  IQue window films, to make an impact with a new and modern design statement. 

Get the best of both worlds with IQue’s window film!

To know more about IQue’s remarkable products, visit or call Global Frontiers, Inc. at 521-7392 or 525-5009 (fax) or email at



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