AOC Launches 2 New Monitors; Partners with Ice Age 4 Continental Drift

AOC, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of LCD, LED monitors and HDTVs in the world today, has announced the launch of two models of their 23-inch LED monitors yesterday. Held at the posh and swanky restaurant in Greenbelt, Nuvo,  AOC Philippines has once again expanded its line of monitors and has unveiled its latest monitors for the Philippine market. 

Now this could be your next must have for your desktop, huh?

In addition to the coolest 3D experience, AOC partners with the leader of the global entertainment industry,  Twentieth Century Fox International.  After the huge successes of the earlier screenings such as X-Men: First Class and Alvin & the Chipmunks 3, the brand, once again, bring customers into a new era of high tech movie watching,  as AOC joined hands with Twentieth Century Fox International to bring  you  one of the most anticipated movie franchises of the year and the much anticipated movie, Ice Age 4.

Oh well, aside from me and my kid, who else is excited to watch Ice Age 4? Hmm.. Don't judge me, guys, but I'd love to watch it. Really. I guess the first three movies just didn't give me the closure I needed so the fourth installment sounds like fun. :) Besides, that'd be 90 minutes worth of  my kiddo being excited and amused enough to goofy faces like Sid's. And that, my friend, is priceless. :)

So let's go back to these two monitors because, quite frankly,  it's just all sorts of awesome!

The first model is the AOC D2357Ph 3D Monitor, which features AOC Cinema 3D technology.  Specification wise,  it has a wide viewing  angle of professional IPS panels (D2757PH only), it delivers cinematic  quality pictures that make watching movies, playing games and editing photos  an extraordinary experience for the eyes. Hence, being called the new generation of "borderless" 3D monitors,  transforming games and movies to simulated 3D, giving you a larger-than-life  experience. 

 The ultra-narrow bezel around the screen (5.8mm on the 23" model, and a  mere 2mm on the 27" model) is barely visible, creating a seemingly  borderless display which suits ideally for a dual monitor or multiple monitor  setup, with almost seamless expansion of the computer desktop. Connecting multiple PC monitors is rewarding since there is less switching between multiple applications, thereby improving productivity and comfort, with extra display space for working and entertainment.


The second model is AOC i2353Ph IPS Monitor, which has a  brushed-metallic surface texture, a super slim display body measuring  just 9.2mm thin and a slim, transparent crystal stand to further enhance its  futuristic styling. It can tilt to transform into a sleek wall mount (VESA standard), allowing the panel to seemingly float in space. 

Additionally, the base has illuminated soft-touch controls and with its cool features and design, the i2353Ph won the "IT design award China 2010." How cool is that? :) 

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