It's Eat and Chat Time at Chatime with Chatime Eats

I used to wonder, "Is it just me or is milk tea the new craze next to frozen yogurt?" Hah. Interesting.

And today, I got to try Chatime's milk tea and the new Chatime Eats at Get Sole shoes Blogger's Tea-Time event at Chatime Eton Centris! It's a tea-rrific afternoon with a whole load of crazy in a large cup and now, I'm totally addicted to it. Now I know the reason behind this milk tea craze and I'm having an intense craving for brown rice milk tea with chewy pearls. :)

For the record, Chatime is the largest international milk tea brand with over 500 stores worldwide! 
Check out their refreshing drinks for summer:
Milk tea galore

 Okay... all these pics give me this sudden craving for my classic roasted milk tea.. yay!

Btw, here's a pic of Chatime Eton Centris' interior... pink & purple is love! My fave colors!

Chatime Eton Centris is one of the largest Chatime stores in Manila (136sqm) -Chatime Eton Centris features the "lounge concept" offering spacious lounge area with plenty of seats and free Wi-Fi.  Chatime Eton Centris is highly accessible. The place is right along EDSA and the area is connected to the Quezon Avenue MRT station. Free parking is also available.

Chatime Eton Centris will feature the full range of Chatime products including Chatime Eats, unlike other Chatime stores. Chatime Eats in Chatime Eton Centris last March 21, 2012, products such as the flavoured fries and pepper salt chicken chops were launched.
Chatime Flavoured Fries is YUM!
Pepper salt chicken chops is my new love! 
 Exciting more products under Chatime Eats will be introduced in the store in the coming weeks.

Chatime milk tea + Chatime Eats = Happy Bunny Me. Have a chatime drink delivered to my house and I'll love you unconditionally foreveeer!! :D



Any comments, my dear?