A Delectable Turn of the Century Filipino Dining at Elias

Finally, heaven looked down upon me and said, "Yes, Chelle, you may go to Elias to get a delectable feast." :)

Last night, I went in not knowing what to expect of this gastronomic feast and it was just such an awesome surprise. :)

A delectable turn of the century Filipino cuisine comes to Bonifacio Global City with the opening of ELIAS by one of Metro Manila's finest executive chefs, Chef Florabel Co. She also owns and runs a slew of restaurants like Crisostomo, Felix, Floring's, ( please check my Floring's food review HERE) Sweet Pea and Florabel.

It's just a few steps from Bonifacio High Street. It's actually my first time to see the Superblock in Bonifacio Global City and I was totally blown away by this place.

I love the atmosphere of this swanky new resto. The place is pretty swish, hip and has a really relaxed vibe about it. Everything about the place seemed to be built for comfort, inspired by Spanish Colonial Philippines with dishes and interior aesthetics taken from the Spanish colonnial period. Even the names of the menu items and wall images were inspired by details and characters found in Dr. Jose Rizal's novel "Noli Me Tangere".

The interior is beautiful to look at, the walls are just so nicely decorated and has beautiful table setting as well. I believe presentation is an essential part of fine dining and Elias is truly and undeniably presentable. There you'll  enjoy the mish mash of furnishings including the angels on walls, picture frames of Noli Me tangere's characters and chandeliers that added a chic splash of class making it a dazzling spot to revitalize the senses in all form.

If weather cooperates, outdoor seating is the way to go. They have an outdoor courtyard with casual tables looking a bit cafe-ish.

Perhaps the best part of the meal was the food , as well as the setting and atmosphere. HINT: Sit outside and listen to the orchestra playing outside.  It is definitely a cherished location for dinner and late night food trips. Great for a date too.

The menu provides a wide variety of dishes and it features several fusion experiments. It is diverse enough to accommodate picky eaters (like me!). The food here can be either great or you can find it overpoweringly good.

Here's some of the highlights:

Succulent and sumptious pork binagoongan ni Pia, crispy pork cooked in shrimp paste.

Sadly, it vanished very quickly. That's how yummy it is. :-)

Pinoy paella, Elias' own and unique version of Spanish rice dish with prawns, chicken, pork and chorizo.

This Paella is real good, unlike the other Paella I've tried in other resto where it just tasted like MSG.

Monroy, aka laing na pizza, is a badass pizza with gabi leaves and with shrimp cooked in coconut cream and lotsa chilis. This pizza can feed a family of four or maybe more. The crust was crisp and well made but the chili made my unaccustomed nose run. It's really spiceh!  LOL But other than that, it was great.

Oh hello there Crispy Pata! We meet again. I just can't miss your  fried crispity crunchy crispy pata! Lovely. It is bursting with flavor that fingers must be licked and bones must be sucked. Now there goes another moment of weakness. :)

Everybody has a weakness. You.. I mean, Crispy Pata just happens to be mine. This pata right here was cooked to perfection and it was just stellar!

Seafood platter. Orgasmic. An amazing amalgam of aromas, textures and tastes.

This tinapa and salted egg rice was an adept and flavourful filler for a glorious meal.

Corregidor, or the dinuguan a la Crisostomo, is a savory stew of pig's blood, finger chilis, garlic and vinegar. I. love. this.

I forgot the name of this pizza (sorry) but its burnt crispy thin crust is yum. Pizza tastes best when it's crispy! :)

For dessert , Iday is a must try. Suman which came with this amazing choco fondue sauce.

So good. It's a total delight! It'll definitely  round out an absolutely perfect meal. Just wondering how do I make sure it's on my meal every day for the rest of my life. Hmm... Seriously, it was a suman-chocolate fondue heaven. Loved it!

So let me just keep your tongue hanging out some more with these food photos and you can salivatingly look forward to more yummy pics in a bit.

Emilio. Slices of beef morcon cooked in special sauce. Loved it.

Legazpi, a dish made of tempura-style prawns stuffed with laing and served with crab fat sauce. Haven't tried this one yet. :(

Saturnina, an out-of-the-ordinary pizza topped with chicken pork adobo fakes, mangoes and egg.

Calauag. Adobong alimango sa gata with kangkong cooked with garlic or butter.

Paella Negra, Elias' signature Spanish rice dish with adobong pusit at baboy cooked with pineapple

Crazy Sisa squid green mango with crispy squid. Yep, as the name goes, it's crazy!

De los santos platter which includes pork bbq, liempo, chicken, pusit, bangus, oyster, inihaw na talong and atcharang Ibarra.

Manok ng Diablo, hot and spicy deep-fried chicken.

Ventura, assorted seafoods cooked in coconut cream sauce and lemon grass

Adobo Buencamino, adobong hito sa gata served with luyang dilaw and siling pari.

For dessert and sweet endings, the restaurant carries classic Filipino desserts with a twist like Isabel, leche fan wrapped in spring roll wrappers and served with ice cream.

Halohalo ni Elias is surely a hit this summer!

Olimpia, a mango and cream pie, is a blissful pick me up.

The cakes are already added to my "must-try " list!

Uhmm for the price.. it's kind of pricy, but well worth the experience. The menu options leave my mouth watering and wanting more. Elias is truly promising and inviting.. worthy of further gastronomic investigation. So I highly recommend this resto. Come to Elias for an amazing meal and great drinks!

Elias is located at NORTH EAST SUPERBLOCK, Upper Ground Level, 30th Street
corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


  1. Whoa. The pictures are delectably sinful!!!! And I feel like a loser for not knowing this place when I'm always at the Fort area during weekdays. XD

    So thank you for your post ;)

    Now I know what I'd be cooking for my breakfast meal next ;) Thanks for this!


  2. Kainis! This is what we missed when me and hubby were invited...Great pix which made the food soooo enticing!

    Jinkee Umali of www.livelifefullest.com and www.calamba-online.com

  3. I wonder if this resto has the same menu as the her Crisostomo resto in Laguna. From your gorgeous photos, parang eh.

  4. Love the photos! Now I'm craving for some good food! :D I hope I get to try any of Chef Florabel's line of restos soon, especially Elias.. ^^

  5. I agree! Your photos are superb. =D Paturo naman minsan haha. Ang dami ng resto talaga ni Chef Florabel.

  6. very yummy photos.............:)

  7. it looks like this foods are nice wanna try it!

  8. your food photography is always awesome it makes me hungry :)

  9. I want to try their paellaover at elias!

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