One Fun Day at Active Fun

Got stoned for the first time today. And when I say stoned, I mean my kid and other crazy ones at the playground threw soft balls at me till I passed out.We had fun though and I'm glad Miss Apple Morales, the pretty owner of AM Global Marketing, gave us a sweet treat to try out their play center, Active Fun, at one of their branches in SM North.

I love indoor playgrounds because I hate how bipolar the weather is right now. When we headed out this morning, it was so hot outside but at around 7ish, it was raining and you can REALLY feel the cold breeze.

In the heat of the summer, or even during the rainy season, it's so nice to get the kids out the house but still some fun place like Active Fun where there's ample air conditioning.

Active Fun is a great place for tots to play and to have your kids' party or other special celebration. Located in SM North Annex,this play center is aimed at children 12 and under. They have something for kids of all ages. The place is clean, spacious, and very kid-friendly. It features a huge multi-level play structure with a ball pit, tunnels, bridges, a 12-metre slide, climbers, a soft mat baby area and more. This is a great place for toddlers to engage in independent play. I also like the fact that kids are closely supervised by their very friendly and well trained staff.

While the kids play, parents can chill (yeah, that's the word) and watch over their kids by simply sitting from the Lounge which primarily serves snacks, with its range of gourmet teas, coffees and snacks. Of course, I didn't miss the chance of eating our favorite healthy snacks, Soyami Soya Chips and my all-time fave bread styx while waiting for Maia to get tired! :)

Their party area makes it the best place to celebrate birthdays and special occasions for children and they can work around their client's budget. Let them do all the work so you can sit back and enjoy the party!

Oh and the 12-metre slide rocks! I cringed at the thought of my tot sliding down that looong slide but I was pleased to see her having so much fun with that gigantic slide.
Hands up for my babycakes!
To be honest, it makes me wonder and I still can't figure out what chemical in the human body makes kids at this play place more and more energetic as the day goes by. #seriously These little monsters, I mean munchkins, are unbelievable! LOL

Here's a series of random pictures I took of kids havin' fun.

I see the pictures, I see the smiles. I love them. The same reason why we have Shutter Count Photography.

At Shutter Count, we love taking loads of pictures then looking through loads of old pictures, as well as being reminded that at one point in time, we made them smile. We love bringing back the happy memories. 'Cause memories and pictures don't fade like time or change like the people in them, they're always there. We just have to cherish them 'cause in the end, it's all we're left with. You know, you change, I change, people change. But pictures stay the same, memories remain forever. I can always crop someone out of the pictures I take, but I can never crop someone out of the memories we once shared. Though it's kinda sad how people nowadays take pictures, not for memories, but to post them on Facebook and get comments. Hoh well.. #realitybites

That said, a bunch of our event photography is now uploaded on our fan page and blog site. Please check it out and give us a Like if you enjoy these pics! :)
My little girl was wondering where these balls were coming from ;p
It's all fun and games until the fat kid joined the pile on. This boy shouted "Ahhhhh!", and I bet that he would love to just take a needle and watch the other kid deflate. Haha Jk.

A wonderful world of wonder
Hyper happy, restless kids. Burning off some pent up energy!
I couldn't miss a pretty face. :)
I always wonder why these kids are so photogenic. Whenever they smile for pictures,they look perfect. So why is it that when I smile for pictures, I look like a nervous horse? Not fair! ;p
This girl is too charming, threw a soft ball on her and she gave me the cutest smile ever!
All smiles!
My big ball of happiness! Wasted, exhausted yet happy after a fun day!
I really can't stop looking at these pictures. They're all sorts of awesome.

Not enough pictures though.. but a whole lot of memories. :) Just so you know, I found their smiles, then I snapped the pictures. Finally, I'd blog, jot down the words and write down the memories, so that I won't forget it forever. :)

Overall, we both enjoyed our fun play date at Active Fun and will definitely go back. I absolutely love this place. Running, bouncing, and being being silly with my kiddo is insanely fun! My four year old had a blast for well over 3.5 hours. Hah! Beat that!

Tagged as "open for FUN 365 days a year", it's open 7 days a week, even on public holidays. You just won't miss it! Now here's some Rockstarmomma F.A.T. (Fact. Advice. Tip.) that I would lurve to share with other mommies:

Fact: Kids are active by nature and eager to explore fun things. They just want to play and have fun. It benefits them in every way: physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Play has a crucial role in the optimal growth, learning and development of children.

Advice: Don’t forget your cozy & comfy socks because they do not allow shoes, even on nonbouncing adults. I suggest you pack some fuzzy slipper socks instead of the regular socks because the stairs can be slippery. Being an OC mom, I can't help but run after Maia so I almost slipped and hurt my arse. Oh and don't forget to use their hand sanitizer. Children should wash their hands before and after playtime to reduce the risk of spreading germs. OCness much! :)

Tip: Adult supervision is a must. Also, you might want to bring your kids on weekdays as the place can get really crowded on weekends. Especially on Sunday. Believe me, this is party central on weekends. Also, never limit kids' play time. Limiting "play time" for kids is kinda cruel if you ask me. Once they hit 18, it's all going down from there. I say, let them have all the fun they can!


Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue
Corner Libis, QC
02-396-5291 / 706-3384

Westgate, COmmerce Avenue,
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang

TAGUIG: (Newest branch)
9th Ave., cor 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City

SM City North Edsa
The Annex, 3rd Floor
North Avenue, Cor. EDSA, QC.
Like them on Facebook HERE.

So wanna be a super mom or a super dad? Or maybe a rockstar mom and dad? Plan a fun day with just you and the kids. Have fun spending time and watching the kids play over at Active Fun. No phone, no meetings, no TV. Just you and the kids having  priceless fun! :)

So there, time to zen out tonight. Tomorrow's another ACTIVE FUN day. Cheers!


  1. places like this are heaven for kids. I don't have kids yet but I brought my nieces once to a similar place. Halos ayaw ng umuwi. I should bring them to this place one of these days.

    1. haha true! parang wala ng uwian. you literally have to beg just so u can convince them to go home lol and yeah, u should bring ur nieces to Active Fun soon. It's so much fun! :)

  2. My son and I love to go to active fun especially if they have a promo at groupon site. Problem lang ang layo ng mga location nila sa Manila. I hope magkaroon sila dito sa Robinson's Ermita :)

    1. meron pala silang deal sa groupon? I think meron din sa metrodeal before? not sure though lol I'm also hoping na magkaroon sila ng branch sa SM Megamall or Shang para walking distance lang sa amin. hahaha

  3. Oh, I've seen this at SM Annex. IMO they're a great idea. Always good to see kids in active play, and not just at their consoles or PC all the time. :D

    1. yeah I agree.. children nowadays want to play w/ their gadgets or computer... and they really miss out all the fun of playing outside w/ other kids.

  4. If my daughter is still a tot, I would bring her here. This place looks like loads of fun. The tots are kyooot!:)

  5. Those kids are the sweetest monsters I've ever laid my eyes upon. Great kids. Nice place.

  6. It's been awhile since I last brought my son here ... I should take him back soon.

  7. WE haven't done that yet, we will definitely be trying!

  8. You had a nice quality time with your kids. I love your kids, they look lovable and cute.

  9. I used to play a lot in playground liek those when I was a kid. I miss those days

  10. Kids are really fun and active. You have captured beautiful kid's photos.

    Jem Experience of a Super Mommy

  11. My daughter is 9 and is changing interests already. She's more into magazines now. haha but she used to drag me to any play places she'll see when we're out. :)

  12. Oh yes kids love soft play! BTW No parents No Enter those are rules here.

  13. Awwww.. Lovely pictures! Ang cute nila. Well, put kids in a playground, they'll have fun no matter what. haha. Ganyan din ang dalawang pamangkin ko. hehe..

  14. I even remember playing at those when I was a kid and even in my early teens. I'm looking forward for my daughter to grow-up so we could play together. :D

  15. super cute ng mga kiddos!! and they had fun!! sana may ganyan na din dito sa subic...

  16. I love the pics sis:) I am thinking of bringing my kids over here when I saw it as SM North Edsa annex. I'm sure they'd like it so much. (EXCITED^_^)Thanks for sharing your experience:)

  17. ang cute naman naman ng mga kids sobrang bibo hehe


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