Angel's Pizza and Pasta Combo's Heart-Shaped Pizza: Come and Eat Your Heart Out this Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is just around the corner. I'm sure you guys are thinking what is the perfect gift for this season of love for that special person in your life. It could be flowers, chocolates, ring or whatever. But it's all too common and very booooredinary. Forget the usual gifts like roses, chocolates and do away with the uber expensive jewelries. You can give her your everything, a kiss, a hug, even your heart.

If all else fails, give her pizza. A heart-shaped pizza that is!

Boy: Pizza ka ba?
Girl: Why??
Boy: Kasi crust kita. :)

Pizza. Bow. Haha.

You know, that square box. Triangle and square slices. Heart-shaped pizza. So many shapes. Confused? :) But Imma bet this heart-shaped pizza can surely make your loved one smile. Sharing an extra special meal is an important part of Happy Heart's Day. So why don't you come and eat your heart out. :)

Angel's Pizza and Pasta is bringing its heart-shaped pizza just in time for Valentine's Day. Perfect timing to eat what his/her heart truly desires... pizza. An ideal gift because it's affordable, yummy, and something that your loved one would truly love to receive especially if he/she is into pizza. Besides, it's way cheaper than making a reservation to an already-booked or jampacked swanky resto. #alamoyan.

When I got these boxes of heart shaped pizza from Angel's Pizza and Pasta for some quick food review, I couldn't help but smile. :) 'Cause it's sooo freakin' cheesy. :)

The heart-shaped pizza which is big enough for two comes with your choice of flavor of pizza and is packaged in the usual Angel's Pizza white box. It's also perfect for families who wants to celebrate Valentine's Day together.

Angel's Extra Feast

Angel's Pepperoni (Pepperoni Overload)

Cheesy Melt ( Two layers of heart shaped thin crust. filled with pepperonis and cheese)

I'm sure we all had that serious pizza disdain before. Flaccid slices, too sweet spiceless sauce, bland crust, yaddy, yaddy, yada... But that is not the case with Angel's Pizza. Even though their prices are quite reasonable, they serve up some very decent pizza using high-quality ingredients.

What I love most about their pizza is that they don’t skimp on more expensive offerings.

Take this heart-shaped, Extra Feast pizza... with lovely, moist slices of mozzarella cheese, onion, greenbell pepper, mushroom and thick cuts of meaty pepperoni, ham, beef, chorizo. It ain't called EXTRA feast for nothin' dude!

It’s certainly fresh and tasty with its perfectly toasted bread.

But I love the Fancy Aloha more...

Fancy Aloha was a delicious mix of bacon, ham, pineapple, mushroom, green pepper, mozarella cheese with gravy sauce all rolled up on a crispy crust. Yummo!

It was definitely enough to share with someone you love the most. Somehow those pineapples and mozarella cheese almost scream and moan romance. Now here's a strong dose of food porn to spice up your Vday eh? ;p

I haven't tried going to one of their branches yet but I saw one of their branches in Makati and it looked pretty cool and laid back from the outside.

We also ordered the Buy 1 Take 1 Chicken Aloha for my daughter's 4th birthday  last Monday.

Just 'cause my little girl loves it to bits! If this pizza would be a girl, it'd be Miss Universe! #award

And it's definitely enough for me to call back for a slice. Even a slice. It's the little things, really.

Go get a taste of heaven at your doorstep! 'Cause this heart-shaped pizza might be the key to your sweetie's heart. Win her heart with this heart shaped pizza and who knows? You might end up looking for photo-video service for your pre-nup. That said, I suggest you try Shutter Count. :) Oh and we're cooking something BIG for the month of March! Hint: Something NEW and a promo you shouldn't miss!;p

Call 922-22-22 and have it delivered right at your honey's doorstep to surprise her. :)

Have a great and cheesy Heart's Day everyone! :)

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